Bristol Penguin Olympic Swimming Club

The Penguins House System

Introducing the Penguins Houses

Our swimming club is a large community of penguins. To build a sense of togetherness and competitive spirit, we have split the whole club into 4 types of penguins. You will be in that penguin house for your whole journey through the club (just like a house system in school). To show your colours, you can buy a house swimming hat with the logo and nickname on it. See the club kit for more details. Please note that when competing against other clubs in galas and open meets, swimmers are expected to wear a hat with the club logo on (ie not a House hat).

The house system is used for internal competitions across the whole club such as the House Gala Series. Rest assured, when we compete against other swimming clubs, all penguins come together and we compete as one strong club – Bristol Penguins! The 4 houses are all real types of penguins; kings, rockhoppers, humboldts and gentoos.

Our first house is The Kings. They are coached by John Ferguson. The Kings wear yellow, stand tall and proud and always want to be winners. Their nickname is simple and matches the crown on their logo – the Kings. Go Kings!


Our second house is the Rockhoppers. They are coached by David Cousins. The Rockhoppers wear green and are famous for their colourful spiky hair and cheeky behavior! Their nickname is loud and clear – the Rockies. Go Rockies!


Our third house is the Southern Humboldts. They are coached by JP Holmes. The Southern Humboldts live in Chile, which is where their name comes from. They wear blue and are sleek and fast with their distinctive beak. Their nickname is far shorter than their full name, which matches their speed – the Bolts. Go Bolts!


Our fourth house is the Gentoo Giants. They are coached by Josh Jobbins. The Gentoo Giants stand out by wearing purple. Don’t be fooled by their small size, as they have great heart and are fiercely competitive, which give them their powerful nickname – the Giants. Go Giants!