Bristol Penguin Olympic Swimming Club

Welcome to Bristol Penguin Olympic Swimming Club

We are a Swim England SwimMark accredited club with over 550 members of ages 6 upwards. We are a community swimming club and our ethos is to teach and coach our members, not just to swim but to become lifelong swimmers. We aim to provide a productive yet fun atmosphere where each swimmer can progress along their own individual swimming journey.

We swim at six different pools across the city and have sessions every day of the week. We would be delighted to have you join our team so email us or fill in our trial form to sign up now.

Does your child love swimming, and want to progress fast?

We are running free try-out sessions from 12th April onwards, for 7-12 year olds who can already swim, but would love to get in the pool more often; learn with expert, professional coaches; and be part of a fun and friendly club.

Click here to request a free trial.

Join Penguins Para Sessions

We have launched our Penguins Para Sessions on Fridays at 7.30-8.00pm at Easton Leisure Centre for swimmers who are at least 8 years old, have a physical or diagnosed learning disability and are able to swim 25m in deep water in both front crawl and backstroke. Swimmers do not need to have an official para classification to join the sessions.

Click here for more information or to request a trial.