Broomfield Park Swimming & Recreational Club Ltd is a non-profit making organization, a registered charity: number 1057118 and a company limited by guarantee: number 02911208.

Other than the coaches, everyone who helps to run BPSC is an unpaid volunteer.

The BPSC Constitution can be downloaded from the Policies & Procedures page.

The BPSC Committee is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Club. It requires a quorum of three, elected officers: President, Secretary and Financial Controller. The Committee has up to ten, further-elected members who help in a variety of roles. Parents’ Representatives liaise between young swimmers’ parents and the Committee, to address any questions and concerns. They co-ordinate other parents in helping to run the Club. Chat to the Parents’ Representatives at training or gala sessions. There are also a number of non-Committee positions.

The BPSC Trustees are:

Trustee Email
Michael Chilton c/o [email protected]
Andrew Crowfoot
Helen McKibbin


The BPSC Committee currently comprises:

Post Person Email
Club President (position vacant) TBC
Head Coach Tom Sullivan [email protected]
Chair Bronwen Tumani [email protected]
Club Secretary Bahir Laattoe [email protected]
Communications Clare Lewis [email protected]
Welfare Carol Gold [email protected]
Membership Secretary Nick Robbins [email protected]
New Swimmers Amanda Pixner [email protected]
Swim England Registrations Vivien Cheah [email protected]
Website François Evans [email protected]
Learn-to-swim Lead Tom Sullivan [email protected]
Parents' Representative - Development Squad (position vacant) TBC
Parents' Representative - Junior Squad (position vacant) TBC
Parents' Representative - Senior Squad Jo Webber TBC
Masters' Representative (position vacant) TBC
Treasurer Kusum Maini [email protected]
Club Shop /Fundraising Jo Webber [email protected]

Non-committee Positions:

Post Person Email
Gala Secretary Celine Quarrel [email protected]
Gala Officials Richard Pixner TBC
Gala Payments Michelle Amdor TBC


To mark their significant contribution to its long-term success, a group of special people have been made Life Members of the Club. They have volunteered for many years and inspired others in their swimming, volunteering or charitable work. They are:

Life Member Elected
Mr D. Tomback 2018
Mr D. Parr 2014
Mr & Mrs N. & B. Birdsall 2009
Mr & Mrs A. & L. Lingley 2008
Mrs S. Burt 1990
Mr & Mrs S. & P. Fraser 1983
Mr A. Canham 1980