Established in 1903, Broomfield Park is one of the oldest swimming clubs in London, going back to a group of gentlemen swimming in the lake of the newly-opened Broomfield Park. We still embrace their ideals of a club in which all ages, from young children to grandparents and older, can swim for enjoyment, fitness and the fun of competition. We have remained very much a ‘family’ club, offering everything from teaching young children, through quality competitive swimming, to ‘proper’ swimming for adults of all ages.

Then: BPSC, 1910
Then: BPSC 1970s
Competition has been part of our life from the start, with a gentlemen’s race of one width of the lake held on Christmas morning 1903.  A one-mile event was held in 1906, and a ladies’ race introduced to the club gala with the formation of the ladies’ section in 1907. Nowadays competition starts much younger, and we have some very enthusiastic 8-year olds starting in local galas.  We don’t try to force anyone to compete, but more and more youngsters are eager to get their gala squad shirts and join the team! Nor is this confined to the teens and pre-teens…

Unusually for a club of our size we have a strong adults (or Masters’) section, most of whom swim regular training sessions, even if for most the training is only for the annual Enfield Masters’ Gala, a competition we have won consistently for many years.

We have training sessions every day of the week except Saturdays, for most if not all sections, Wednesdays and Thursdays at QE Boys’ school, other days at QE Girls’.  Thursdays are unique because there are sessions for every member of the club from beginner to master on the same evening.

BPSC 2018
Our swim school section has sessions on Mondays and Fridays at QE Girls’, and on Thursdays at QE Boys’.  Children can start at 4 years or sometimes earlier and are immediately treated as members of a swimming club, with experienced and trained teachers, many of whom are still swimmers themselves, looking out for a possible future-Rebecca Adlington or even Michael Phelps.

We have been a member of the London Borough of Enfield Swimming Association (LBESA) since its inception in the 1960s, the only competitive member club to remain unchanged since then. We moved back into the borough when Southgate pool opened, and swam sessions continuously in Enfield pools until 2010, when work on the Southgate building necessitated a move to QE Boys’ school.  LBESA hold a number of galas, each organised by one of the clubs, where our young swimmers can get their first taste of serious competition and watch their more senior colleagues in action.