Broomfield Park Swimming Club’s Policies and Procedures can be downloaded here:

Policy Last Updated Download
Anti-bullying 11/2020 PDF
Changing Room Policy 11/2020 PDF
Child Protection Policy   PDF
Code of Conduct for Children 11/2020 PDF
Code of Conduct for Coaches & Teachers 11/2020 PDF
Code of Conduct for Members, Committee, Coaches & Volunteers 11/2020 PDF
Code of Conduct for Parents & Guardians 11/2020 PDF
Code of Conduct for Swimmers   PDF
Confidentiality & Information Sharing 11/2020 PDF
Constitution 11/2020 PDF
Data Privacy 11/2020 PDF
Discipline & Complaints 11/2020 PDF
Duty of Care 11/2020 PDF
Equality & Diversity 11/2020 PDF
Lane Swimming   PDF
Lane Sharing Guidance 11/2020 PDF
Late Collection of Children 11/2020 PDF
Missing Child 11/2020 PDF
Mobile 'Phone & Email Policy   PDF
Photography Guidance 11/2020 PDF
Safe Recruitment 11/2020 PDF
Safeguarding Children with Disability   PDF
Safeguarding & Child Protection 11/2020 PDF
Supervision of Swimmers   PDF
Transport Policy 11/2020 PDF
Whistleblowing Policy 11/2020 PDF


Welfare Statement

Broomfield Park Swimming Club operates a Welfare system conforming to the requirements of SwimEngland.

Wavepower is the SwimEngland policy and guidance to safeguarding children and young people in swimming. Our Welfare Officer is present for all swimmers under 18 and makes the needs of these swimmers a priority. If you have a concern about yourself or another swimmer, how you are being treated by others or something that is making you unhappy your Club Welfare Officer is there for you.

If you have any concerns about the welfare of children in the club, please contact our Welfare Officer via the email address given at the Committee page.