The Club’s Welfare Officer is Carol Gold who can be contacted at:

[email protected]

Child Welfare and Safeguarding

What do we mean by safeguarding?

Essentially, alongside our wish for our members to enjoy and succeed at their sport, we want to ensure that they are safe and happy at the Club and that we act upon anything that prevents that. This is what we call, ‘safeguarding our members’.

What are members being safeguarded from?

We want to make sure they are never :

  • Bullied.
  • Treated differently from others.
  • Hurt by another person on purpose.
  • Not listened to.

Preventing such behaviour is very important to us as a Club and to achieve that we have a safeguarding manual called Wavepower which can also be requested from the Club’s Welfare Officer (see above).

We know bullying or poor behaviour towards members would make them feel unhappy, so please do not feel you have to just put up with it. While we will do all we can to prevent any such thing from happening, it is important if something or someone causes members to be unhappy that they tell someone. Tell a parent, a coach, the Welfare Officer or any other adult you feel happy to speak to.

Swim England also have a helpline called Swimline if you want to tell someone but not anyone in the Club. Their number is 0808 100 4001. You will be asked to leave a number at which you can be contacted within the following 48 hours. If you feel you cannot wait that long for someone to talk to you, hang on the line and you will be put through to the NSPCC/Childline helpline, who will answer your call immediately.

  • Childpower is Swim England’s webpage for young people. It has a message link so that members can send a concern in writing to Swim England’s Child Safeguarding Team, who will then help with whatever issue has been raised.
  • By using the Child Power Leaflet link below, members can use the ‘Your Voice’ section to write their concerns and hand them to a parent or trusted adult in the Club if they can’t tell anyone directly.

All members, both swimmers and parents, must follow the Parents’ and Members’ Code of Conduct respectively, which can be found on our Policies & Procedures page. In addition, please ensure you are fully aware of the procedures surrounding photography. Download our Photography and Social Media Policy to find out more.

The Club also has its own Safeguarding Policy and Antibullying Policy. at the Policies & Procedures page.