If your child is new to the competitive squads, you might have heard about the swimming galas we enter, but not be sure what to do. The galas are great fun and something we expect the swimmers in competitive Squads to take part in when they can.

We’ve put together a quick guide on how to enter galas…

Gala Information

Check the Events Details on our website and our Facebook page regularly for details of any forthcoming galas. We also send out emails to let swimmers know, so please make sure the e-mail details within your account on this website is accurate.

The full gala details will be on our website. It will include:

  • When and where the gala is, including warm-up times
  • A list of races available to enter
  • The cost of each race
  • Sometimes there are entry times, so your child might have to be slower or faster than a certain time
  • Children have to be over the age of 9 to compete, except for the LBESA Juvenile gala where we accept swimmers aged 8

Gala Entry

Decide which races your child will enter – if you’re not sure then speak to your child’s coach who can suggest which races to enter. The gala listing should highlight how to enter the gala it will usually be through your account on this website.

By committing swimmers to galas you should be aware of the following points:

  • CAT 2 Registration: To enter galas SwimEngland require everyone to be 'COMPETE' CAT2 registered. 
    Juniors and Seniors are required to be 'COMPETE' CAT2 registered, but if you are a Development or other squad swimmer please check your online account to ensure you are CAT 2 registered before entering any gala, see fees tab for costs etc.
  • Gala Fees: Gala fees are payable once we have had accepted entries from the gala hosting Club and will appear on the following month’s Gala statements. This is usually before the gala date.
  • Refunds: Please be aware that once a swimmer has been entered and accepted by the hosting Club no refunds will be issued by the gala hosting club if a swimmer cannot complete.
  • BPSC Gala statements: The balance should be paid in full when received and before the next statement is issued, as the club has already paid out on your behalf to the gala hosting club.
  • Payment for Galas: Online into our CAF Bank, Sort Code: 40-52-40 Account Number: 00021918 please ensure the payee ref starts with the word “gala”.   This is important to ensure the payment is assigned to your gala entries. Note some banks don't allow to amending previous payment payref - so you may need to set up a payment for fees and another seperate for galas
  • Non-Payment: Please be aware that the non-payment of gala balance from the statement, if left outstanding for two months then no further gala entries will be allowed until the next statement is issued showing it is cleared i.e. there will be a period when you can’t enter galas.
  • Admin Fee: We apply a £2 administration fee to each race entered on top of the hosting club’s charge. The hosting club charge for each of our coaches to be present pool side. It is worth noting that the £2 administration per race doesn’t fully cover this and other costs for coaches to be present, and the balance is covered by the club.

Shortly after the closing date we will put up a list showing who has been accepted at the gala.

On the Day of the Gala

Make sure you are there at least 15 minutes before the warm-up time. Check the time on the website.

Make sure your child has plenty to drink and some healthy snacks and food. Your child’s coach can advise on the best food to bring along.

Parents are encouraged to stay at the gala and watch their children compete. The galas get hot, so dress appropriately and bring water!