Active Squad


Swimming is such a skills-based sport with many complex actions to each of the four strokes’ mechanics. Swimmers that attend two or more sessions per week are more likely to acquire these necessary skills due to the ability of the coaches to re-enforce the acquired skill before it is forgotten, therefore allowing for new skills to be learnt and mastered. 


Sound technique is a swimmer’s most important requirement for being successful. Technique calls for focus and concentration on the task. Having a sound foundation of technique allows the swimmer to progress more quickly.

Focus on Fitness

The aim is to improve swimming ability but with a  foucs on fitness and enjoying the sport. 


Swimmers are expected to be on poolside at least 5 minutes before the start of their session,with any equipment, including a good size drink bottle filled with water, diluted squash/juice. Fizzy drinks and glass bottles are not allowed on poolside.

All swimmers are expected to have respect for all the coaching staff, be willing to learn and to support their lanes swimmers in training.

What Coaches Expect from Swimmers

Regular attendance at training sessions. Swimmers need to be in the appropriate swimwear and have appropriate kit

Boys: fitted shorts/trunks. Baggy shorts are not swimwear; they are for wearing on the beach.

Girls: costumes should fit the size you are, not be 2 sizes to big for you to grow into, the likelihood is that they will wear out well before you grow into it.

All: ideally with Fins and kickboards.

What Active Swimmers Can Expect from Coaches

A professional and caring attitude to your progress, help to support you in achieving your swimming goals.

Instruction with a focus on fitness and stoke technique. 

Move to Adults/Masters Squad

The Active squad has a wide range of ages and those that are 17 and over may find joining the Adults/Masters more suitable and challenging..

Active Squad Training Times

The following table shows available Junior Squad sessions.

If you are not 100% certain as to whether BPSC is for you, we do offer a free taster session.

If you are interested in joining BPSC, please see the ‘Joining’ section at this website and provide us with your child’s details, including current swim level, age, and preferred sessions.