Adults & Masters


For the 18s and overs, BPSC has two squads: Adults (for gentle, regular swimming) and Masters (for more challenging swimming including competitions). Adults and Masters share the same training session times, but have dedicated lanes and coaching.

Most swimming clubs concentrate on children; some have swimmers of university age, but usually only the really good ones who have achieved high-level success.

‘Masters’ is the historic word for swimmers over about 20 years of age, and is sometimes off-putting to those adults who see it as implying serious dedication and training for galas. Adults, if anything, have at least as many needs as young swimmers, and we recognise this. Look at the young swimmer groups we offer and you may recognise yourself in one of those, only older!

Some of our Masters are former members of our Senior squad, some return to swimming when their children join us, some fit into both categories! Many in our ‘Adult’ groups are parents who learned to swim some time ago, but who never got far, or who have become out of practice. They have found their interest in swimming revived by their children’s involvement, and they would prefer it if they were not totally outclassed by their ten-year old(s)!  We have had four generations of the same family swimming at the same time.

Most adults fit into the second or third groups. At the moment we don’t have the space to teach totally non-swimming adults, but if you can manage 25m unaided, we have groups and sessions for you, and you will be encouraged to improve your strokes, technique and fitness. As with our young swimmers, you can take this as far as you wish; even many of our less competitively-inclined adults are cajoled into entering the Enfield Masters’ Gala in November, an annual event which we have dominated for years.

Adults’ & Masters’ Sessions

Please see the Training Times page for Adults & Masters' training times.

If you are not 100% sure about whether BPSC is for you, we do offer a free taster session.

If you are interested in joining BPSC, please see the ‘Joining’ section at this website and provide us with your child’s details including current swim level, age, and preferred sessions.

Master of the Year

Every year, the Masters’ Captain chooses a winner of the Master of the Year. There is no set reason for the award, but it is usually related to achievements, effort or perseverance shown by the chosen individual.

Previous winners of the award are:

Year Master of the Year
2020 -
2019 -
2018 A. Crowfoot
2017 D. Tomback
2016 D. Parr
2015 J. Nicholson
2014 A. Lingley
2013 J. Clunes & N. Holloway
2012 D. Lumby
2011 S. Stewart
2010 N. Robbins
2009 K. Wells
2008 A. Crowfoot
2007 K. Mason
2006 -
2005 N. Birdsall
2004 D. Stewart
2003 L. Lingley
2002 A. Lambard
2001 M. Humphrey
2000 D. Parr