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Head Coach - Vacant

Coaching Team

Our Head Coach is supported by a full coaching team. The coaching team can be contacted here.

Assistant Head Coaches: Carrie Shayler and Pete Baldrey

Coaches: Maisie Stanley, Julie Doubtfire, and Steve Pigeon

Assistant Coaches: Juliette Small, Marco Mariscotti Ree, Kathryn Clover, Jasmin ArcieroKayla Brown, Jemma Lebus, and Ellenor Rixon

Committee and Volunteers

As with many other community clubs, Cranleigh Swimming Club simply would not function without our dedicated committee and volunteers. Our current committee members are:

Chair:  Dave Hastie (email)

Welfare and Lead Covid Officer: Tom Shimell (email)

Treasurer: Emma Howells-Davies (email)

Secretary: Amanda Cook (email)

Vice-chair: Simon Southwell (email)

Meet Secretary: Dave Hastie (email)

Club Kit Shop: Amanda Cook

Meet Licensing: Vikki Avery

Officials Secretary: Fred Watson & Amanda Cook

Club Championships Promoter: Viviana Small (email)

Swimmark Coordinator: Simon Southwell

Catering for Galas: Viviana Small

Social Secretary: Phillipp Livesey

Schools Gala: Helen Watt

Swimming is a sport that is fortunate enough to benefit from paid qualified coaches and our club is no different. Our excellent coaching team ensures that your swimmers get the best out of their time in the water. But there is a lot more to running a swimming club than what happens in the water. 

Our committee oversees the running of the club. The tasks are numerous and varied, including overseeing the safeguarding and welfare of our swimmers, managing our pool hire, entering swimming competitions, overseeing our membership of Swim England and ensuring the club maintains a healthy financial position.

We believe that many hands make light work. As a club, it is our expectation that everyone can give something to make the club better for everyone. We therefore strongly encourage parents of all swimmers to contribute some of their time each year. Whilst not everyone will have the time to take up a committee position, almost all of us have an odd hour here or there (for example when our children are in the pool) which we could give to the support the club. 

By volunteering to help us with some specific tasks for a few hours each year, we can continue to make Cranleigh Swimming Club a great experience for everyone involved. There are plenty of smaller roles, ranging from helping the swimmers through our Covid-safe guidelines, through to helping organise some data in a spreadsheet. When competing starts again we also need huge amounts of help to run our Open Meets - setting up, on the day and packing up. 

Volunteering is also a fantastic way to get to know other parents and has helped to build a great community around the club. It is also a great way to get a taste for some of the bigger roles if that is a commitment you are able to make.