Swimming is fun and a great life skill, so we would love to welcome new swimmers to our club! If you'd like to join us, please send us an email. An interest to join the club can be made at any time, whether as a future Swimmer of the club or as a Volunteer to support the club.

Please contact [email protected] to register your interest.


Assessments of young swimmers (age 6yrs and above) are normally carried out in January, March and September by Junior Club Coach John Wishart, who determines a swimmers suitability to join the club and which of the junior squads they should join.

Experienced swimmers aged over 10yrs who wish to join the club, perhaps moving from another club, should be initially assessed, who will decide whether the swimmer is capable of undertaking the higher level of swimming and hours demanded in the Senior Squads or if they need to be assessed for placement within the Junior Squads. Please contact [email protected] to register your interest and we shall contact you to discuss further.


The Club is managed by elected parents/carers or Club supporters and coaching is delivered by a team of qualified swim teachers and coaches. If you are interested and able to offer time to help with the management of the club or working poolside then please contact [email protected] and we will discuss the steps to becomign involved.