VIEWING AREA TRIAL 4-11 December 2021

Anne Black
Following discussions with FSLT, we are going to have a viewing area trial which will allow parents/carers to finally see their swimmers training.  We will then review its success with FSLT colleagues. Details are set out below, and the trial will run from 4 to 11 December 2021 inclusive. 
- A Squad rota will be in place;
- Numbers in the viewing area must not exceed 16, so only one person per family will be allowed in and they  must stick to their allocated Squad time;
- Face coverings must be worn (unless exempt) and the Centre’s QR Test and Protect codes used;
- Parents/carers should only go into the Centre when the swimmers are poolside to avoid any congestion, unless the swimmers are Tadpoles or Minnows, in which case the family member can assist in the changing room;
- Parents/carers should also leave the Centre before the end of the session and meet their swimmer(s) outside unless again they are Tadpoles or Minnows, in which case the family member can assist in the changing rooms.  
If successful, we would look to implement this rota permanently from January 2022.  Check-in would also stop, with Squad Liaison Officers recording attendance from the viewing area.  We will also be seeking permission from FSLT to start to use lockers and showers again from January 2022 and will keep you updated on this.
Saturday 4 December - Piranhas (8-9 am), then Minnows (9-10 am)
Sunday 5 December - Gold (8-10 am), then Dolphins (10-11 am)
Monday 6 December  - Sharks (5.15-7.15 pm)
Tuesday 7 December - Development (6.45-8.45 pm)
Wednesday 8 December - Training (8-9 pm)
Thursday 9 December - Dolphins (6-7 pm), then Development (7-8 pm), then Training (8-9 pm)
Friday 10 December - Gold (6-8 pm)
Saturday 11 December - Tadpoles 1 (8.10 am), then Tadpoles 2 (8.50 am), then Tadpoles 3 (9.20 am).