TeamUnify Website Setup Basics!


Everything That You Need To Know About Setting Up Your TeamUnify Website!

Want to save time learning how to create the perfect website for your program? Here is a list of videos and resources to help you learn the basics quickly, clearly and efficiently. Just choose a subject or video and dive right in!!


The Basics

Basic Navigation (6:41)

How Sections and Components Function (8:00)

Adding A Customer Or Administrator and Invite Them To The Site (16:51) (Note: if you have already imported or added your users to the site, skip to minute 13:00 of this video to move straight into inviting them to the site!)


All About Web Design

Account Bar (2:47)

Photo Slideshow (2:48)

Site Navigation (4:51)

Team Logo (3:33)

Main Text (4:55)

News (2:40)

Contact Us & General Content (4:24)

Team Feed (6:58) (Availability could be limited based on your plan level)

Social Links (1:26)

Spacers (7:20)

Command Buttons (5:39)

Sponsors & Partners (2:15)

Upcoming Events (4:23)

Generic Photo (4:50)

Utility Links (3:18)

Setting Up the Coaches Page (6:14)

Google Translate (2:34)

Need Inspiration? Check Out These Great Looking Website Examples! - Site 1, Site 2, Site 3, Site 4


All About Events

Upcoming Events (4:23)

Creating a General Calendar item (5:59)

Creating a Team Event or My First Meet (9:22)

How to Commit Your Swimmers To a Swim Meet (13:52)

Creating a Practice (6:17) (Availability could be limited based on your plan level)