Club AGM tonight at 7pm 19th November 2018

Notice of the Club AGM
Please note the Club AGM will be held at 7:00pm on Monday 19th November in the Clubhouse
The Agenda for the AGM is:
a) Presidents Remarks
b) Apologies for Absence
c) Approval of minutes from previous AGM & matters arising.
d) Hon. Secretary Report
e) Coaching Report
f) Financial Report
g) Proposed changes to Constitution
h) Proposed changes to Bye-Laws
i) Election of Management Committee Members
j) Appointment of Auditors / Independent Examiners
k) Life Membership Awards
m) Other relevant business
A copy of this notice is posted on the club facebook page and will be posted on the club noticeboard
That’s the official bit done….
Cupar is a small but thriving, happy and friendly local swimming club run by a small number of volunteer Mums and Dads just like you, who all have loads of other commitments, just like you.
We offer swimmers a chance to make friends, get fit,gain confidence, have fun and progress to swim at local, district and national levels. We really need everyone who has a child swimming in the club to help in some way otherwise the risks of decline are very real.
There are numerous opportunities to help out from poolside helping, coaching , judging, time keeping, fund raising, club desk, social events, buying kit and just by coming along to the committee to give ideas and feedback. Parent helpers are the lifeblood of the club – we ask that a representative of all swimmers attends the AGM. Some senior swimmers (and their parents) are moving on and we desperately need more support to sustain the club. Lets do it!
Secretary & President

Swim day – last update



A couple of last things.


Sunday is definately a day for wearing sports clothes. Much easier to change in and out of than jeans. This will help the swimmers getting in out out of the changing room through the day.


Please also double check their swim bags and pack two towels, nothing worse than having to end the day with a wet cold towel to dry yourself off with. Any other spares they might need as well.


Payment wise – bank transfer is good, with a name on it or on the day.


Performance squad do not need to pay as you have paid already.


We will meet in the sports hall, I should be around from 9am.


See you all tomorrow. We are really looking forward to having a great fun day.



Swim day – a few more details

Good Evening All

I have a few requests please? Can I please get a contact number for you that we can use on the day if we need to? Also can I get you to double check you have paid the £5 deposit please?

Arrive 9:15 for 0930 start
Pool 10 – 12
Land, Lunch and Education session from 12 – 2 – please bring lunch and snacks.
Pool 2 – 4
Plenary – depart by 4:00pm

A little idea for Sunday is to maybe use the opportunity to try out some different lunch items, this day is very much about making use of the opportunity i.e. it’s not a competition day so trying out a lunch that might not work isn’t going to be the end of the world. If you would like some ideas we are more than happy to make some suggestions. There are a great many websites with some good information on food and training etc Here is some advice from Scottish swimming as regards fueling for training etc – – lets try and avoid any sweets please 🙂

Also this

If you have a foam roller at home then please can that come along as well. I will l have a spare one, it is not mandatory just if you have one. Wondering what they are, this video will explain all and I find this one quite good.

Thank you and get in touch if you need anything.



Squad Fees – well done moving up squads!!

Hello, To everyone who has a swimmer who has moved up a squad – congratulations!

Here are the squad fees:

Wednesday night swimmers, Minnows (1&2), Piranhas and Dolphins – £18 per month.
Sharks £24
Sharks + £26
Training £28
Development £35
Gold £42
Performance £56

I gather that swimmers can start swimming with their new squad immediately (I don’t have details of all the times of each session, but perhaps someone else could remind us all of that info? The website is not quite up to date). NEW FEES APPLY from 1st SEPTEMBER. Could I ask you all to update your standing orders before then? It will make my life (and yours!) soooo much easier.



Swim Day – confirmation emails


I have now sent out confirmation emails and if you have not got one please email me at [email protected].

More information will follow in the coming days.

Thank you


What is this swim day, you ask?

So to answer and expand on what the swim day is and where the idea came from I thought I would write it up and share via the website, twitter and facebook. (yes we have a twitter feed, it’s fed from the website as is the cupar swimming facebook person)

The idea behind the swim day is to run a technical day of swimming and swimming education. The idea is not for a fitness session but a technique session and technical session. The will be lead by one of Scotlands top youth Coaches from East Kilbride swimming Club, who is also the Scottish Youth Development Coach.

The idea behind the swim day has come from the program that Scottish swimming are running called the Development Regional Program or DRP. More information on this can be found here

So, it’s not going to be a physically tough day. It will be mentally stimulating and will definitely benefit all the swimmers that come. Even if you can make part of the day, it will still benefit you.

So Sharks upwards, this is for you, to help you get a flying start to the coming season!

email me at [email protected]



Swim Day 2018

Following on from last years very successful Pre-Season Swim Day we are running another one on the 9th September 2018. It will be run much the same as last year and is open to senior squad swimmers in the first place and if we have space sharks as well. This year we are asking for a deposit of £5 to secure a place to swim. We are doing this to avoid cancellations and disappointment of other swimmers who would have been able to come.

We would look to firm up in the next 7 days, so if you are free on the 9th September then get this in your diary now!

The junior squads are more than welcome to come along and spectate/learn at the pool sessions if they would like to, so please do if you would like to.

It will take place at the Sports Centre and we would like arrivals at 9:30am please.

Below is the provisional timetable:

Arrive @ 9:30
Parents arrive @ 3:30pm
All away @ 4:30pm

We really do urge all the senior squad to grab this opportunity to get a head start on the session ahead and make the most of this opportunity to be one step in front of the crowd.

We need to gauge interest in this to be able to run it logistically so please let us know what you think.

Please email me at [email protected] if you would like to attend.

Thank you


Swim Champs and BBQ – 24th June

Remember – 24th June it’s the Champs and BBQ

Save the Date – Swim Club Champs & Barbecue 24th June

#### Save the Date. 24th June. ####

Club champs and barbecue notice is up on the board. This is our big swim event for the year !  Please take the time to read the notice – a copy has been posted on our facebook page.
Entry forms are available at the noticeboard – entries by hard copy only to the club table please.

We will shortly also email out forms to enable print and return.We will need lots of support from officials, timekeepers, team managers, coaches,  chefs/bakers and barbecuers (?) – last years event was a great success so here’s hoping the weather is once again on our side.

Please note there is a request for return of trophies  from our reigning winners by 2nd of June. Please clean out any remaining champagne from last years celebrations, dust them down and bring them back to the club table.


Friday night swimming 4th May time change.

Please note that for those training this Friday 4th May, the session will start at 5:15pm rather than the normal 5pm.

Finish time will be as normal.

Thank you.



Due to the snow at the start of March, we had to reschedule the Climbing Wall to Saturday 28 April.  However, we realise not everyone can make the new date.  For those that can’t come, the £10 cost will be refunded.  If you cannot come, could you therefore:

1. Please mark this on the sheet on the Club Noticeboard (thanks to those who have already done this) and/or reply to the Facebook post asking for this information;

2. Pass on your bank details to the CDSC Treasurer ([email protected]) so a BACS refund can be made.

This needs to be done by THURSDAY 5 APRIL so we can confirm the numbers to the Climbing Wall and ensure the right number of instructors are available.

After Thursday 5 April, anyone remaining on the list will be assumed to be going to the Climbing Wall.  The exception to this are Performance/Gold squad swimmers who are waiting to hear whether they will be swimming in Aberdeen that weekend.

Also, if you aren’t on the list, but want to come to the Climbing Wall, please can you add your name to the list on the Club Noticeboard and/or reply to the Facebook post as there will now be some spare spaces.  Again, the cost will be £10 per child.  Junior squad is climbing at 3pm, senior squad at 4.15pm.


Swim Club Membership Renewals – Time to Get Serious


Thank you to everyone who has paid membership and SASA fees – we really appreciate your prompt response. There are unfortunately  a significant number of people who still need to pay.
Julie (membership secretary)  will be working hard to do all the administration of SASA payments and needs a couple of weeks to do that, with a deadline of the end of March.
Jen (Treasurer) will shortly put up a list of those who still need to make payment on the club notice board  to ensure those who do not have access to email or facebook, or have not seen reminders on the website, or twitter , or whose dog ate the form etc etc  are reminded.
If you want to avoid seeing your n ame on the list, please pay now and return the membership forms. 

If you have difficulty making the payment, please let Jen or me know – (in person or via the club email address [email protected]).

SASA and membership  payments are necessary to keep the club running smoothly but the SASA payment is particularly important. If your swimmer is not SASA insured they cannot go poolside within the club.

Sorry for reading the Riot Act  – but it is time to get serious before we have to exclude children from the pool, never a pleasant experience for the coach or swimmer.
If you do not wish to renew please also let us know and we will not hassle you further.
Stuart (Secretary) – in support of Jen   (the Bean Counter)

The pool is closed – so no swimming on Wednesday 28th.

Fife Leisure Trust have closed the pool today more information here –

This closure may be tomorrow as well – please keep an eye on the Pool website for updates.

Thank you



Dear Swimmers, Taxi-Drivers and Coaches (yes, Coaches – read on!)
Sport Relief is coming your way.  On  Thursday 22 March, there will be an all club swimathon.  The aim is to swim as far as possible and get the sponsor money rolling in.  At the same time, there will also be a bake sale going to replace those hard-swum calories.
Entry to the Swimathon will be £2 per child (pay on the night), and from next week sponsor forms will be available from the Club Noticeboard for you to raise even more money for Sport Relief.
5 to 6 pm: Minnows 1 & 2, Piranhas;
6 to 7 pm: Dolphins and Sharks/Plus;
7 to 9 pm: Development, Training, Gold and Wednesday Swimmers.
In the middle of all this, there will be (for one night only….) the  COACHES VS MADS (Mum And Dad Swimmers) RELAY RACE.  Yes, kids at last, you get to critique all those adults that are continually telling you how to swim, and pay  close attention to the style, technique and commitment from the coaches (watch out for  warm up demonstrations, no talking at the start, no breathing in the red zone, kick, kick, kick, STREAMLINE etc.)
For any parent wishing to enter this Blue Riband event, a list will also go up on the Noticeboard – no talent needed, just enthusiasm and a willingness to be humiliated….
Exact race format will be decided closer to the date 🙂
More information to come, but please save the date.  Baking contributions and parent volunteers to count lengths on the night extremely welcome and very important.
The Committee

Membership Information

Dear Swimmer / Parent/Guardian,

Annual Membership and Training Fees 2018

Please find attached a renewal letter, membership form and code of conduct for Cupar and District Swimming Club.


SASA (£43.00) and Club Membership (£25.00) are due now for each swimmer (£68.00 total) covering the period 1 March 2018–28 Feb 2019. These fees are unchanged since last year.

To renew membership please:

  • Complete the Club Membership Form and return a paper copy  to the Club Table
  • Pay the SASA and Club Membership Fees to the Club  – please pay by bank transfer
  • email payment confirmation to  [email protected] – it really helps our administration.

Please note anyone participating poolside MUST be registered with SASA (the Club will pay the SASA fee for helpers). Roles interacting with children (coaching/help, gala team manager/marshal) require a Club PVG. If you can help PLEASE include your own details on the form as well your swimmer and speak to a Club Table representative re PVG for more information.

A limited supply of membership forms are available at the Club Table.

Can you please return forms & arrange payment on or before Thursday 1st March.

Thanks – where did that last year go?


Current Training has just been cancelled as a child has been sick

A child has just been sick in the pool so the training session that is on at the moment has been cancelled.

The swimmers are currently sat in the viewing area.

Please can pick ups be organised.

Update may follow – posted at 10:34 on the 4th January 2017