The club is organised into swimming squads, with swimming coaches allocated to each squad and training session.  Swimmers move between the squads based on performance and ability as advised by the coaches.

Junior Squad:

Our youngest swimmers join the junior squad. With our younger swimmers the emphasis is primarily on a good grounding in stroke technique. Taller and more physically developed children may do well in short races with an imperfect stroke, but they will struggle as they get older, and a well practised bad technique will get more and more difficult to correct. The sessions of coaching focusses to help fine tune technique, build stamina and confidence and then allow them to progress thru the junior squad where competition opportunities will be introduced and also increase as the swimmers progress.

Progress through the junior squad is by timing sessions.

The junior squads are:

Minnows – Saturday 9-10am
Piranhas – Saturday 8-9am
Dolphins – Thursday 6-7pm
Sharks – Thursday 6-7pm and Saturday 8-10am

Senior Squad

For older swimmers emphasis is increasingly on building stamina, but stroke correction may be necessary on individuals, and some of this is built into the training in the form of “drills”. Achieving full swimming fitness does entail a lot of time spent swimming length after length of the pool; top swimming coaches are united in their belief that there is no substitute for covering adequate meterage. Training however is more scientific than this and our fully qualified club coaches write session plans for each squad and often for individual lanes for each and every training session. These sessions form part of an overall program, which runs throughout the year – hence the importance of attending as many sessions as possible to derive the full benefit. As with all competitive sports, coaches are guides and teachers. The swimmer must want to learn and should set their own goals and targets using their coaches and parents as guides. Progress into the senior squad is by timing and technical assessment. 

The Development Squad is the pathway to Gold Squad and as such is a competitive squad. There are certain expectations of swimmers entering the competitive pathway.

Training Squad is for swimmers who wish to swim for exercise, enjoyment, and/or to complement another sport. There are no competitive expectations of swimmers following this pathway.

Training – Wednesday 8-9pm, Thursday 8-9pm, Friday 6-8pm
Development – Tuesday 6:45-8:45pm, Thursday 7-8pm, Friday 6-8pm
Gold – Tuesday 6:45-8:45pm, Thursday 6.15-9pm*, Friday 6-8pm

*Includes land training 6.15 -7pm, pool training 7-9pm

Masters & Wed Night Club – Wednesday 8-9pm