The club is organised into swimming squads, with swimming coaches allocated to each squad and training session.  Swimmers move between the squads based on performance and ability as advised by the coaches. 

There is opportunity for most of our swimmers to compete in galas at a level to suit all abilities.  CDSC compete in a league system involving all swimming clubs of Fife – the Novice League for younger, less experienced swimmers and the Fife League for more experienced swimmers.


Our youngest enthusiasts join our learn-to-swim section, the Tadpoles Swim School. Here we teach your child how to swim and become confident in the water.  Read more... (members only)



If your young child has learnt the basics and can swim confidently, they can try out for becoming part of our Junior Squad. We arrange assessments at regular intervals, so contact the club if you'd like to be invited. With our younger swimmers the emphasis is primarily on a good grounding in stroke technique. Swimmers will generally start in Minnows 1. As they progress they will get more pool time and also the expectation on the swimmer will increase. Progression through the Junior Squads is based on a range of factors including technique, ability relevant to age and times. Read more... (members only)



For older swimmers emphasis is increasingly on building stamina, but stroke correction may be necessary on individuals, and some of this is built into the training in the form of “drills”. Achieving full swimming fitness does entail a lot of time spent swimming length after length of the pool; top swimming coaches are united in their belief that there is no substitute for covering adequate meterage. Training however is more scientific than this and our fully qualified club coaches write session plans for each squad and often for individual lanes for each and every training session. Read more... (members only)