We have two training sessions every week. The main session on Saturday afternoon and a shorter session on Wednesday evening.


A Typical Saturday

Open to all members and comprises of training in all three disciplines. Athletes will be divided into age related groups as below.


Development Squad (DS) (TriStar Start) - Age 8

1:30pm to 15:15pm

As they are our youngest group, they tend to stay around the grounds but can be seen running off into the park. We do insist that a parent stays around just in case of bumps and scrapes and we’ve found that the children like to show off their skills at every opportunity. The coaching is focused on learning the basic skills with lots of games in between. We always ensure that we have enough coaches to cover the sessions but we always welcome any adult help; nothing too difficult.​


Group 1 (TriStar 1) - Age 9-10

1:30pm to 16:00pm

Starting to grow up, the children will now start to build on their knowledge of triathlon and learning specific race skills. Focus is on finding their race pace and bike handling skills. The emphasis is still on making training fun by integrating as many games as possible.


Group 2 (TriStar 2) - Age 11-12

1:30pm to 16:45pm

The competition is starting to get serious and the training is too. We have a great team of coaches and parents who are skilled at progressing the children by improving their endurance and enhancing their natural talent.


Group 3 (TriStar 3) - Age 13-14

1:30pm to 16:45pm

Now as teenagers, we have a mixture of highly competitive triathletes and those wanting to improve their fitness with the friends they have made over the years. Hopefully we can accommodate everyone and with adult help. In the summer we like to go out for longer cycle rides and in the dark winter days we can take advantage of the gym or fitness suite.


​Group 4 (Youth) - Age 15+

1:30pm to 16:45pm

This is for those young adults that really want to push themselves to the limit. This may not be for everyone, and some may want to stay in group 3 if they wish. We won’t move anyone up if they don’t want to.  We are more relaxed on their attendance as we acknowledge that exams and part time jobs may take priority. In this group the runs get longer and the cycling rides maybe beyond some of us adults, but we are always looking for parents to join in or help out where possible.


You will need to bring the following :-

Run - Trainers, shorts, t-shirt, tracksuit, suitable clothing for colder weather and most important, a drink!

Bike - as above plus helmet (you will not be able to train without one) and bike

Swim - Costume/trunks/Trisuit, towel, goggles & cap. (Pool bouy, kickboard & fins are also required but can be supplied by club initially until you get your own)


A Typical Wednesday

6:30pm to 8:30pm

This is a Run/Swim session only and due to restricted numbers in the pool, this session is by pre-arrangement only with coaches. It is typically for the older kids (aged 12+) as the training tends to be harder and the running session can take place in the dark in the winter months.


Away days

As a treat and change from the normal routine, we also arrange occasional sessions at various sites in the local area. These include;

Andark Lake - Open water swimming

Meon Valley Trail - Run/Bike Family Rides

Mountbatten Veldrome - Track Cycling

Thorney Island - Traffic free cycling