Leinster Open Qualifying Gala LC - 17-19 January 2020

  1. Gala Information Notice 
  2. Eligibility Report @ 27.12.19
  3. FINAL Entry report @ 04.01.20 

Note: Leinster Gala Sec has swapped Event 3 (Girls 400m F/C) with Event 26 (Girls 400m IM) in the programme. This means that the Girls 400m Free will now be held as the first event of Session Five (Sunday afternoon) while the Girls 400m IM will be held as the first event of Session Two (Saturday morning). Swimmers whose plans are affected by these changes, and who wish either to withdraw from events or to swap events, will be facilitated where possible, given time constraints and assuming that they have the necessary QTs for events they may wish to swap into.

Leinster Development Gala SC - 26 January 2020  

  1. Gala Information Notice
  2. NOTE - this gala has been over-subscribed and as a result the Leinster Gala Secretary has requested all clubs to limit the number of events per swimmer to a maximum of 3.  We are required to re-submit our club entry as soon as possible.  As notified by text swimmers who had more than 3 events were requested to choose which 3 they want to keep.  In the absence of a reply by the deadline (lunchtime on Thur) the coach has made the cuts. Please see attached report for details.
  3. REVISED Entry Report @ 16.01.20

NAC Club Invitational Gala - 2 February 2020

  1. Gala Information Notice
  2. FINAL Entry report @ 18.01.20

McCullagh International Meet - 20-23 February 2020

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  2. Eligibility Report @ 13.01.20