Parental Participation Information

Coolmine SC is supported by a voluntary management committee.  We also rely on the contribution of all members to ensure the continued success of our club.  It is a condition of your child’s membership that a parent/ carer contributes volunteer hours throughout the season.

The following are mandadory requirements for all parents/carers:

  1. Parent on Duty - Parents/carers will be required to fill this duty on a regular basis.  A monthly roster is issued to parents/carers.  For further information please refer to the club website.
  2. Regional and National Competition Duty - Every club must supply officials; this is based on the number of entries from that club. If you enter your child in these competitions, you will be included on the roster to assist with these duties. These duties generally involve timekeeping, turn/stroke judge or steward/supervision.
  3. Club Competition/ Fundraising Duty – As a club we run a number of events throughout the season, these are important fundraising events, with the proceeds going towards our day to day running costs. It is expected that all parents of participating athletes will assist in the running of these e.g. Club gala in March, sponsored swim.
  4. Training – as your child progresses through the club programme you will be expected to complete training to support the volunteer roles required within the club.  Training is detailed below:


Club volunteer training

Dolphins / Development / Elite

Level 1 Officials course – this course introduces you to the basic duties at swimming competitions and the roles you may be asked to fill.  The course is 1 ½ hours long and will be run in the club.

Sharks / Dolphins Development / Elite

Safeguarding 1 – This course educates participants on the implementation of best practice in protecting the welfare of young people involved in sport.  The course is 3 hours long and will be run in the club and/ or available locally.

Dolphins / Development / Elite

Level 2 Officials course – this course is a progression from the level 1 course and an introduction to the role of turn and stroke judge at swimming competitions.  The course is 4 hours long and will be run in the club and/ or available locally.

Parents/ carers may also be asked to complete Garda Vetting/ Access NI


Level 1 Club Team Manager Course - This course is for volunteers who wish to act as Team Manager for their club at competitions, club outings and away trips (both home and abroad).  The course is 3 hours long and will be run in the club and/ or available locally.