Membership fees

New members

We are currently unable to accept New Members due to the restrictions imposed by Covid. We hope to be able to offer trials in the future.


The annual membership for Cheam Marcuda Swimming Club is £50 per year, payable in January. This includes ASA, London Region fees and also your membership. There is a reduction of £5 per sibling (up to a maximum of 3 siblings) off these fees.

For Category 2 swimmers (entries to competitive galas) this is increased by £10.

For swimmers who are over 16 years an annual membership of £12.50 is payable. The club has decided to charge a lower fee for these older members in an effort to retain members at an age when many leave the sport. It is also in recognition of the assistance pool side that those who remain give the club.

For swimmers in the teaching pool the fee is waived.

Pool hire has to be paid in advance so it is very important for us to collect swim fees as early as possible each month.

Monthly fees are payable on the 1st of each month and must be paid by standing order.

 Download a standing order request form which provides all the information required for online banking or alternatively you can print out and take the form to your bank for them to set up the standing order. Please ask your bank to put your child's name as a reference on the payment.

Depending on how many training sessions you attend monthly fees are:

Squad name Price Band   Price Band Cost Per Month
      A £26
Senior Comp 3 D   B £41
Senior Comp 2 B   C £46
Senior Comp 1 B   D £50
Junior Comp 2 C      
Junior Comp 1 B      
Pre-Comp 2 B      
Pre-Comp 1 B      
Academy 2 B      
Academy 1 A      
Club 2 A      
Club 1 A