Pathway Squads


CoCSC Pathway Squads are the earliest entry point for our junior swimmers. These squads act as a transition from Learn to Swim (LTS) Programmes into a club environment and act as introduction to coaching and the technical aspects of competitive swimming. In the early squads the club encourages swimmers to remain within their LTS where possible to assist in their continual development. 

Bronze, Silver & Gold Squads

The entry level of the Pathway Programme where we look for swimmers to have achieved a minimum standard of ASA level 6 or equivalent (and be 7-10yrs). We require Swimmers to ideally continue in their LTS/lesson programme while in this squad as it forms a pivotal part of the swimmer’s development.

All swimmers must have the basic understanding of backstroke, breaststroke and front crawl, while being able to demonstrate a rhythmical butterfly kick (Dolphin Kick) action on their front or back. The main focus in this this squad will be to transition swimmers from a lesson/teaching programme environment into a club/coaching environment. In addition, it will focus on developing fundamental skills and technique as well as body position within the water on all the strokes.

Swimmers at this level should be competing in the Club’s Mini Meet series and Club Championships on at least Front crawl, Backstroke and Breaststroke.


Pathway Squads equipment guide:

Kickboard - FINIS alignment kickboard or similar

Flippers - MARU training fins

Pull Buoy - any brand but small sized

You do not need to have these for your first session - please discuss with the Coach.