The records shown are Coleraine Swimming Club records.

Records are claimed as "age on date of swim".

Should you feel that you broken any of the records in an event in which you are representing Coleraine Swimming Club, then please email [email protected], supplying the details of the event along with the evidence - see below for more details.




BOYS' SHORT COURSE RECORDS - last updated 23/10/23



GIRLS' SHORT COURSE RECORDS - last updated 17/02/23



BOYS' LONG COURSE RECORDS - last updated 07/09/23



GIRLS' LONG COURSE RECORDS - last updated 22/08/23



Claiming a Club Record


If anyone claiming a record could send through the following information:


  1. Name of swimmer
  2. D.O.B of swimmer
  3. Event record claimed in: -a) event (stroke & distance), b) age category,  c) short course or long course
  4. Current record time
  5. New record time
  6. Gala achieved in
  7. Date of gala
  8. Exact age at the time of the gala
  9. Meet Mobile screen shot if not done at the club gala or gala results PDF if a club gala