Registration Process

1. Once you have registered (see welcome email you should have received) and been approved, you will then have a Team Unify account.  In order to use this facility you should download our 'On Deck' app for your mobile or tablet device. On Deck is how the majority of information is communicated to parents and keeps track of attendance, results and PB's. 

2. Your On Deck log in details will be the same as your Team Unify username and password.

3. You will also be invited to join a 'Whatsapp' group for your child's squad.  This is for squad specific questions, but we would ask that any personal questions are emailed to [email protected] and not to the coaches themselves.



Covid 19

(important- must be read, and below training completed as part of registration process)

Before each session, you must fill out a covid registration form (can only be done on the day of the session).  The form can be accessed via this link , and we recommend you bookmark it on your mobile so it can be found easily as you will be using it a lot! 

Each pool session requires a 'Parent on Poolside'.  Each member will have a slot on the rota where a parent from their household will be allocated a few sessions per term to be on duty.  In order to do this, the parent on duty must do a short online course by Swim Ireland. 

Please follow this link to complete the training: .

Once complete, please send your certificate to [email protected]

  • The main duty of 'Parent on Poolside' is to check that each swimmer attending training has completed the covid registration form before every session.  
  • This is done via (log in and password in whatsapp group description!)
  • Parent on Poolside must arrive 5-10mins before each session and be waiting at main leisure centre door to check swimmers in. 



Please ensure each swimmer has the following:

- training fins

- hand paddles

- 2in1 pull kick board