New Club Records and Future Challenger Successes

Anne Curry
Another chance to celebrate the successes of our club members!
The O’Hara Club Gala saw all our club members racing each other over 25 or 50m. It’s always an exciting and competitive event; with lots of close races; fingertip wins, upsets, a massive 206 new personal bests; and a record or two.
As always lots of support, cheering, and so much fun. For some it was their first ever time racing; for others their last O’Hara gala after many years in the club. From our youngest swimmer to our oldest they gave it their all!
Congratulations to ISABELLA who was on fire breaking two club records in the heats and finals:
10&u 25m back in a time of 17.19
10&u 25m butterfly in a time of 16.19
And our weekend of successes and records didn’t stop there!
The following morning Isabella joined Harrison, Robyn, Jacob, Isla, Campbell & Reuben at the Future Challenger series where we had more pb’s and some fantastic placings:
Campbell - 2nd 200m IM 12yo
1st 100m back 12yo
2nd 50m butterfly 12yo
Reuben - 3rd 200 IM 13-14yo
2nd 100m butterfly 13-14yo
Isabella - 1st 50m back 10yo
2nd 50m butterfly 10yo
3rd 50m breaststroke 10yo
Robyn - 2nd 50m back 12yo
7th 100 butterfly 12-14yo
Isla - 6th 50m back 12yo
12th 50m butterfly 12yo
13th 50m breaststroke 12yo
Harrison -8th 50m back 11yo
17th 50m breaststroke 12yo
Jacob - 5th 50m butterfly 10yo
5th 50m breaststroke 10yo
and another club record for ISABELLA -
10&u 50m back in a time of 39.11. A fantastic weekend swimming!!