About us

​The City of Southampton Swimming Club is the major swimming club in the city of Southampton, Hampshire and is currently based at the Quays swimming pool near West Quay.  The club was founded in 1963 by Derek Snelling.  Our current head coach is David Terry who is supported by a team of qualified and experienced coaches. 

Mission Statement:

City of Southampton Swimming Club is a community based sports organisation and has three missions:

To be a swimmer centred and coach driven organisation that provides age group and masters swimmers the opportunity to achieve their ultimate goals and ambitions within competitive swimming.

To provide a strong sustainable swimming training environment to enable athletes to excel at county, regional and national competitions.

To provide inclusive swimming development to all swimmers regardless of age, sex or physical ability, providing it is safe to do so. 

As of 2021, the club has approximately 400 members ranging from 3 years in the Learn to Swim programme to Masters, who compete at local, county, regional and national competitions. 
Successes & Notable Former Members.

Notable former members include:

The next generation of swimmers

Our training and coaching programs are designed to help all our swimmers reach their full potential.