Current Squad Fees (paid monthly in advance via Go Cardless direct debit)


  •  Annual Club Membership fee due on 1st October each year £25.00  

  • New joiner fee £25.00 on a pro rata basis from 1st October from joining the club 

  • One full month's notice required to cease membership.  Please email [email protected]

  • Family discount of £5 per month for each additional swimmer


Any questions regarding fees should be addressed to the club treasurer [email protected]

Swim England Membership Fees: Due annually from 1st January each year or on joining the club 
Cat 1
(Club Train) £15.35
Cat 2 (Club Complete) £35.15
Cat 3 (Club Support) £5.25


Subsidised Parking Passes available per quarter email [email protected]


Payable by GoCardless at the beginning of the month:







Junior County                           




Senior Training  (by invitation only)                  



(1 session per week)  


Masters 2 
(2-3 sessions)  


Masters Membership only