Our goal is to provide high-quality coaching and competitions, to this we need your support. This club is run on a non-profit basis, the only paid staff are our coaches and administrators. The swim meets that we run are a vital component of the club, they provide a platform for our swimmers to excel and also raise vital funds that keep the club going. Running meets requires a dedicated team of volunteers but the result of their hard work is excitement, achievement and fun for everyone involved!

Volunteering Gives You:

  • A sense of purpose and meaning
  • Improved self-esteem
  • New life skills
  • New friends
  • A stronger bond with your swimmer
  • Fun!

How To Volunteer:

There are many ways that you can volunteer to help the club and its swimmers. If you are interested in becoming a timekeeper, a judge or helping the club in other ways, please contact us on csscmeetteam@gmail.com.


This is the entry level for officiating - minimum age: 14 years old (no maximum!). It is important to have accurate times for races otherwise they cannot become official times.  Training is one theory session followed by a really easy poolside assessment.



Learn about starts, turns and finishes for all strokes alongside a friendly, qualified mentor at a pace that suits you. Judges report what they see, but the benefit of doubt always goes to the swimmer.