Return to Swimming for other Junior Squads starts on 17th August

Club Info

From next week, the other Junior Squads:  Junior County, Development and Piranhas can start returning to swimming too.  This is exciting news and follows a successful few days with just the more experienced squad swimmers in the pool.  After 5 months off, the training is starting slowly:  low speed and skills based but already in 3 days the difference is obvious.   Active Nation The Quays have been very supportive in helping the club get back in.  Every day during the rest of August  - Mon - Fri between 2 and 5 pm the club has the 25m swimming pool to themselves.  This has allowed us time to work out what works and adapt what doesn't quickly.  If you are interested in joining the club, we are running a few sessions for trials in a separate lane.  Please use the Join Us page for information.