Covid Liaison Information

Following guidance from Swim England and working with our pool providers there are a number of protocols that we have to implement, one of these is to appoint Covid Liaisons.

Before being allowed to volunteer as a Covid Liaison YOU must have a minimum of Category 3, Swim England Membership with City of Southampton Swimming Club.  Membership provides insurance, so this must be your own and not your swimmers/family member etc. 

Please use this link to check before continuing:

  • If you do not have Swim England Membership, please email the Covid Lead  [email protected] 
  • If you do have a current Swim England Membership to a minimum category 3, please continue to read the following two documents:

CSSC Covid-19 Protocols Briefing (from December 2020)

CSSC Covid Liaison: A Quick Guide

And then you must complete and submit the compulsory forms below:

CSSC Covid-19 Health Declaration Form

Important: A higher ONDECK system access level is required to complete the attendance records and obtain contact details in an emergency.

Please complete and submit the CSSC Covid Liaison Data Access Declaration on the link below, if you are happy to do so. Once this is received your access level will be amended.

CSSC Covid Liaison Data Access Declaration Form