We welcome swimmers to our squads who are keen to develop their skills and compete at a local, county, regional, national or masters level.

When a swimmer becomes a member of City of Southampton Swimming Club, he or she will be allocated to a training squad based on their age and ability.  Each squad develops skills which have been learned at our Learn to Swim Academy or similar development of the key strokes.  Swimmers can expect to progress through the squads as their skills and ability improve, providing they are committed and work hard in training sessions.

The criteria for squad movements has been set by the Head Coach.  These criteria will be continually reviewed and subject to change.  Achieving the standards and targets does not mean automatic movement to a higher squad.  These criteria are merely the targets required to be achieved by the swimmer to be considered for movement. Squad moves to the higher squads will be based on the ability to train within a squad, positive attitude, training regularly and competing in recognised club competitions.

Further information about each squad, including training times and equipment required is available below:

If you are over 25 years old, or aged 18-25 years old and seeking a lower level of training commitment, our Masters squad may be of interest. Further details can be found in our Masters section: