Any term in italic/blue  is explained at the bottom.


  1. Log on either to members area or via On Deck App
    If you haven’t got a log on password yet, please email [email protected] for help.
  2. If using On Deck App, go to Events in the menu and then scroll through the menu of events to find the right event.  Club Only events (ie Time Trials) will be listed first, then County level events and then Open Meets (definitions at the bottom).  Click on the event you wish to enter.
  3. If logging onto the website, go to the Calendar tab, then Team Events tab and that will take you to the list of events in date order.  You can also see on the website once you are logged on the full annual list of events the club attends or runs.  This list is under the CSSC Meets tab under 2019/2020 events.   
  4. Remember to check the schedule and meet conditions  of each meet first so you know what you are entering into, the costs, and if there are any qualifying times or Upper Limit Times (these will be attached at the bottom of the event page)
  5.  ALL squad swimmers can enter club only events.  All squad swimmers aged 9 and over can enter open events. Click on Accept/Decline or the Declare tab at top and then click on each of your swimmers in turn – Member names at the bottom - tick the  boxes of the events your swimmer wishes to enter.  Check the times listed for your swimmer in each event.  If these are not their personal bests for your swimmer as listed on (see note below) then please add a message in the notes box and we will alter your swimmer’s times to their personal bests.  The Run tab will let you see who else has entered.
  6. With long course events, , the times will need to entered as Long Course times.  Short Course times can be converted.  You can check your swimmer’s times against conversions on (go to time conversions tab). Again if their times on our website are not their best, put a message in the note box and we will correct them for you.
  7.  The important bit is for you to choose the right events to enter your swimmer in. 
  8. Once you are happy with your entry, click Save.  You can still change it at this point so do not worry if you have made a mistake.
  9. The meet team will then be able to access the entries on line for all swimmers and check the details, update entry times if necessary and Approve the entry.  Once this is done when you log on again you will see that it has been approved.  You can still at this point change your mind.   Any queries always email [email protected] or come and find us in the spectator gallery on Tuesday morning, Thursday evening or Saturday morning by the tables at the start end. 
  10. Once the deadline for entries has passed (each meet tab will clearly have a closing date) a print out of all the entries will be circulated for everyone to check again by a final deadline date and, if you need to, you can change your entry or ask us to do it eg change for one event to another or add an event.   Once the final deadline date for checking has passed the entry will be deemed to be finalised.   The entry will then be charged to you via Go Cardless and refunds will only be given if your entry is not accepted or due to illness or injury (with a medical letter).
  11. For our meets and time trials, you will know at this point that your entry is accepted and can start planning accordingly.  We will ask you to volunteer as events we run need lots of help.  In particular we need officials in order to run a licenced meet within the rules of Swim England so we are always looking for new officials.  If you are willing to be trained please contact Kevin on [email protected].  By being an official you often get reduced entry costs and other expenses at away meets.

    We also need lots of other volunteers.  For example, to marshall swimmers between heats, take entry fees for spectators, collect rubbish, hand out medals, setting up equipment or if you understand programmes like Excel or other database systems, we are very keen for help on the meet team with the entries so please do get in touch [email protected].
  12. With meets being run by other clubs, sometimes we do not get accepted particularly at Level 1 or 2 meets or very busy Level 3 meets so please do not book non refundable hotels or travel until you have had confirmation from us.  Our closing date will be before their website might say to allow time for the checking process.  For example with the Millfield meet last year we did not get in so this year we sent our entry in January even though the closing date was not until March which meant we got in.  Most meet organisers will tell us within a few days of the closing date if we have been accepted or not.
  13. Over time, the Personal Bests on our database will get up to date and the checking process will get quicker and easier but please bare with us for the moment as we do not have time to update each swimmer’s times manually (unless someone would like to volunteer to help… hint! Hint!)
  14. Also in time, we will probably use the system to charge for entries on the members only database but at the moment we are continuing with Go Cardless so please ignore the sections on Team Unify about paying  for the moment.





GLOSSARY OF TERMS (Any term you want added to this and explained please let us know)  This is a work in progress!

Time Trials (are Level 4 Meets) which we run instead of training sessions.  We use the pads and the diving blocks so the set up is exactly the same as an Open Meet so it is good practice.  Lots of Open Meets require official times in order to enter them and a Time Trial is the best place to start getting official times.

Official Times/Personal Best Times are all recorded on To find your swimmer Go to the Rankings tab and then click on Individual Best Times.  Either use their surname and scroll through or learn their Swim England ID Number (used to be called ASA number).   On their front page all their Personal Best times will be listed.  This is the fastest time they have currently swum an event at.  It is very important to copy these times EXACTLY with both decimal place digits eg 01:45.29.  The .29 is as important as the other digits.  Do not round up the numbers.

Open Meet – We run 4 open meets each year.  This is when we invite other clubs to attend.  They are very busy but lots of fun and we attend quite a few Open Meets at other clubs. 

Long Course – 50m Pool like Portsmouth normally 8 lanes

Short Course – 25 m Pool Like our pool normally 8 lanes

Meet Types:

Level 1 – Designated Qualifier for National Championships (minimum qualifying times apply)

Level 2 -  Designated Qualifier for South East Region & National Championship events.  Usually minimum qualifying times

Level 3 -   Designated Qualifier for South East Region.  Often maximum Upper Limit Times (ie can't be faster than the ULT)

Level 4 -  Designated Qualifier for Hampshire County Championships - usually just our club.   Enter any and all events aged 7 and over. No previous times needed

Qualifying Times – QTs – Level 1 and Level 2 meets will definitely have Qualifying Times.  You need to have officially swum faster than the time given in order to enter.  Sometimes particularly for Regionals, you have to have got an official time at a Level 3 or above meet.  For Counties, it can be any level of official meet including time trials.

Upper Limit Times – ULTs – Level 3 meets often have these to prevent National/Regional swimmers from hijacking all the medals from less experienced swimmers.  Fast swimmers can do exhibition swims at these meets if there is space.  They will get the all important official time but can’t win a medal or get a placing.