CoStA (City of St Albans Swimming Club)

At CoStA we strive to be the best that we can be ... while having fun


Enquiries Paul Knight [email protected]
Club President Vicky Platt  


Chairman Tony Dotchin [email protected]
Vice-Chair Wendy Toland  [email protected]
Club Secretary Michael Hooper [email protected]
Treasurer Jenny Hodgson [email protected]
Human Resources Ruth Loveman [email protected]
Welfare Officer Cat Brooke [email protected]
Head Coach Mike Cole [email protected]
CoStA Masters Reps Craig Kirland & Kevin Timmons [email protected]


Banking Reconciliation Brenda Yan [email protected]
Club Events & Club Champs Irina Butt & Vacancy [email protected] 
[email protected]
Communications & Press Officer Vanessa Sharp [email protected]
Covid-19 Lead Volunteer Debbie Millar [email protected]
Facilities (Pool Hire) Julie Goose [email protected]
Fundraising Officer Vacancy [email protected]
CoStA's John Hempenstall Gala Katie Swainsbury [email protected]
Medal & Trophy Secretary Jackie Lovern [email protected]
Meet Entries (All Meets) Debbie Millar & Vacancy [email protected]
Meet Promoter (CoStA Meets) Tracy O'Sullivan & Vacancy [email protected]
Meet Secretary (CoStA & Technical) Vacancy [email protected]
Meet Secretary (League Events) Vacancy [email protected]
Membership - CoStA Archana Somani [email protected]
Membership - Swim England Vicki Law [email protected]
Officials Officers Julie Baggett & Vicki Law [email protected]
Parent Liaison Alex Roberton [email protected]
Shop & Merchandising Claire Threader [email protected]
Swim Mark Coordinator Kevin Timmons [email protected]
Team Manager Coordinator Heather Coleman [email protected]
Trials Coordinator Sarah Clinch [email protected]
Vice Treasurer Paul Knight [email protected]
Website - Team Unify Wendy Toland, Lara Jubb [email protected]
Website - PayPal, CoStA Brand Wendy Toland [email protected]
Workforce Co-ordinator Katie Swainsbury [email protected]


Head Coach Mike Cole [email protected]
Assistant Head Coach Paul Wollaston [email protected]
Lead PreClub Coach Sarah Clinch [email protected]
Lead Junior1 Coach Lara Jubb [email protected]
Lead Junior3 Coach Alex Walker, Lucy Coia-Bell [email protected]
Lead Junior2 & Lead Junior4 Coach Mike Cole [email protected]
Senior Performance Coach Paul Wollaston [email protected]
Senior Development Coach Mike Cole, Alex Walker [email protected]
CoStA Masters' Coach  Josie Hoare