CoStA (City of St Albans Swimming Club)

At CoStA we strive to be the best that we can be ... while having fun

Current Committee

Chairman - Tony Dotchin ([email protected]). Voting member

My daughter joined CoStA in April 2020 and initially I started helping poolside. When the opportunity arose to get more involved, I took on the Chair role early in 2022. I'm committed to giving each of our swimmers the opportunity to be the best they can be and putting in place a structure to ensure the long-term success of the club. I'm often poolside at WML and SAS and always happy to chat.

Vice Chair - Wendy Toland ([email protected]). Voting member

My family joined CoStA in March 2010. I started life as a volunteer for the Website Team. I decided to take the role of Vice Chair mid 2018, in discussions with Andrew (post-chairman). I think having been with the club so long, I should be able to answer most 'new swimming parent' & general CoStA questions! So please give me a shout.

 Treasurer - Paul Knight & Jenny Hodgson ([email protected]). Voting member



Secretary - Michael Hooper ([email protected]). Voting member



HR - Ruth Loveman ([email protected]). Voting member

An avid sportswomen since childhood, although more at home with a lacrosse stick in hand rather than in a swimming pool has seen me involved with CoStA for over 10 years. Initially as a mother watching my 3 boys plough up and down, accompanying swimmers in camps and marshalling and latterly as the welfare officer. This is a role that fits nicely with my day job as Head of St Columba’s College Prep school. Do get in touch if you have any welfare concerns or need a DBS check or simply want ask a question of someone that has watched more swimming than I care to remember.

Masters Rep - Craig Kirkland & Kevin Timmons. Voting member

Masters Rep - Craig Kirkland & Kevin Timmons. Voting member

Craig and Kevin are members of the St Albans Masters Swimming Club (STAM) committee which look after the needs of the CoStA Masters. Craig joined CoStA in 2006, initially as just a masters swimmer, but since becoming chairman of STAM in 2009 has been heavily involved in the organisation of CoStA Masters. When Kevin moved to Harpenden a few years ago he joined CoStA and now his children are making their way through the club. Although Craig and Kevin competed at a national and inter-national level, they believe that swimming should be for everyone and work hard to support a masters set up, providing for as wide a range of swim abilities, aims and intentions, with a big leaning towards the social side.

Welfare Rep - Cat Brooke ([email protected])



Coaching Rep - Mike Cole ([email protected]). Voting member

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