CoStA (City of St Albans Swimming Club)

At CoStA we strive to be the best that we can be ... while having fun


Chairman - Tony Dotchin ([email protected]). Voting member

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Vice Chair - Wendy Toland ([email protected]). Voting member

My family joined CoStA in March 2010. I started life as a volunteer for the Website Team. I decided to take the role of Vice Chair mid 2018, in discussions with Andrew (post-chairman). I think having been with the club so long, I should be able to answer most 'new swimming parent' & general CoStA questions! So please give me a shout.

 Treasurer - Paul Knight & Jenny Hodgson ([email protected]). Voting member

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Secretary - Michael Hooper ([email protected]). Voting member

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HR - Ruth Loveman ([email protected]). Voting member

An avid sportswomen since childhood, although more at home with a lacrosse stick in hand rather than in a swimming pool has seen me involved with CoStA for over 10 years. Initially as a mother watching my 3 boys plough up and down, accompanying swimmers in camps and marshalling and latterly as the welfare officer. This is a role that fits nicely with my day job as Head of St Columba’s College Prep school. Do get in touch if you have any welfare concerns or need a DBS check or simply want ask a question of someone that has watched more swimming than I care to remember.


Masters Rep - Craig Kirkland & Kevin Timmons. Voting member

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Welfare Rep - Cat Brooke ([email protected])

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Coaching Rep - Mike Cole ([email protected]). Voting member

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