CoStA (City of St Albans Swimming Club)

At CoStA we strive to be the best that we can be ... while having fun


CoStA run several meets each year for our swimmers to compete in and we also attend various League and Open Meets.

To compete at Herts County level and above, swimmers need to achieve times at licenced meets. For our swimmers to swim in licensed competition the organisers require qualified officials.

As a club we need a pool of officials to both support the variety of meets and galas that our swimmers enter.

Officials are (usually) parents of swimmers who have chosen to support their swimmer and our club by giving up their time to train and then volunteer at events. Becoming an official means giving some of your time when your swimmer is competing at a meet and you might otherwise be watching from the balcony. It is a great way to volunteer your time whenever you are free to help.

Officials include a variety of positions including Timekeeper, Chief timekeeper, Judge 1 (starts and turns), Judge 2 (Stroke), Starter and Referee. Each one of these performs a critical role in ensuring the gala runs well but also that it is a fair event for all the swimmers.

Pathway to qualification

  • Timekeeping qualification – this can be done at the club where a special timekeeping course is organised (run by the Herts ASA)
  • Judge Level 1 (Turn Judge).  There are two classroom sessions to learn everything you need to know about starts and turns, relay-hand over etc. 
  • Judge Level 2 (Stroke).  There are two classroom sessions to learn everything you need to know about the 4 strokes.
  • Judge 2 (S) – is the starter qualification.  A level 4 meet (our club championships) can run with a Judge 2 (S) acting as the referee.
  • Referee – is the top qualification.  

After the classroom sessions you will need to undertake a number of practical sessions at galas where you are mentored until passing the qualification.

For more details on the officials’ process do look the Herts ASA - Officials page on the the Herts ASA website has a page for Officials.

Do contact us if you would like to become an official or just want to find out a bit more about this area of volunteering.

A list of our current qualified officials and a schedule of training dates is available in the Club Documents - Officials Docs section of the website.

Julie Baggett and Anna Jex

CoStA Officials co-ordinators

You can contact Anna or Julie at [email protected]