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Peanuts League Round 1 - painting the town yellow and gold!

Lara Jubb CoStA - Junior Squads Coach

On Saturday night, CoStA fielded two teams in Round 1 of the Herts Peanuts Swimming League. For anyone who’s been to a league gala you’ll know they can be frenetic but great fun!

This year, we were lucky enough to secure sponsorship from David Chadwick Estate Agents which meant all swimmers were given a T shirt and of course a gold Peanuts hat.

In 2019 CoStA B team won League Division 2 last time the league was run. Therefore they were promoted to Division 1 and meant this weekend they were racing next to CoStA A team. This proved to add even more excitement to the event as swimmers were racing their squad mates. We saw some great performances from both teams and the coaches were delighted to see swimmers using the racing techniques they’d learned during training sessions, time trials and the Peanuts squad session.


CoStA A team won the gala scoring 192 points! Watford were 2nd with 175 points, 3rd – Hertford 121, 4th Cheshunt 114, 5th CoStA B (113), 6th Harpenden (89). Well done A team!

Thank you!

As with all swimming events, Peanuts league cannot take place without the help and involvement of our parents. Thank you to Kate, Lisa, Sarah and Camilla for Team Managing and Dave, Paula, Pawel and Deni for Officiating/Timekeeping. We had to provide Recorders for the night so thank you to Debbie, Gillian, Sheena and Alex for running the recording desk so efficiently. If you are interested in becoming an official then please email Vicki and Julie on [email protected]. If you are interested in volunteering in any other role please contact Katie on [email protected]

Unsung Heroes

We’d like to give special mention to a few people who also helped the team along the way:-

  • Wendy for organising the T shirts and ensuring they arrived on time despite national T shirt shortages!
  • Debbie for learning how to run the Meet Manager recording system and teaching some of our parents and some volunteers from other clubs how to use it
  • Alex Roberton for helping out on her birthday night!
  • Dave Fellows for officiating and missing Liverpool win the FA Cup.
  • And congratulations to the Scott family for the safe arrival of Jasmine’s baby sister and still getting Jasmine to the gala– hopefully she’ll be a future member of the Peanuts team 2030!



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