Coaches and Executive Committee

Coaching Staff
Wendy Corkill Head Coach
Rosie Allen Coach
James Wright Coach
Role @DASC: Coaches Manager

Level 2 swim teacher

As a Kid: Swam at Club level for Southport.

Masters: Competed at 2010 FINA World Masters in Gothenburg. Ocean swims and Masters meets in Sydney.

Recent: Island Games Triathlon team - Gib 2019

Why I help @ DASC: Because my kids swim, and because swimming is awesome!
Kay Batty Coach
Chloe Crellin Coach
Isabelle Watterson Coach
Louis Peake Coach
Peter Allen Assistant Coach
Alan Jones Coach
Mark Osborn
Executive Committee
Robbie (Chairman Account) Watterson Chairman
Kerith Donnelly Secretary
Lynsey Elliott Treasurer
Membership Secretary (Emma Barlow) Membership Secretary
Secretary Competition (Gaby Cooper) Competition Secretary
Swim England Swim Mark (Elaine MacMurchie)
Rosie Allen
Wendy Corkill Head Coach
Jenny McEvoy
James Wright
Graham Jones Welfare Officer