What we can offer you:

We run a wide range of swimming sessions spread across the week from Learn to Swim, competitive swimming, fitness swimming and Masters' swimming for more mature swimmers! All of our sessions are led by dedicated, qualified coaches and teachers that seek to support and educate in the best way possible.

Learn to Swim (£12.95/month)

Our Learn to Swim classes run on a Wednesday afternoon from 16:00-17:30 & Saturday morning from 10:00-12:30, with 1-1 opportunities readily available throughout the week. For more details, please us through the 'contact us' tab at the bottom of our homepage.

Junior Squad (£17.50/month) (Up to 3.25 hours a week - Tuesday pm, Friday pm & Sunday am)

Once swimmers have reached the required level, they can progress to our Junior Programme within the main club framework, where their skills will be refined in preparation for a more competitive level of swimming, including starts & dives, turns, breakouts & stroke maintenance.

Swimmers can move into Development Squad based on coach discretion.

Development Squad (Dev 1: £41/month; Dev 2: £33.50/month) (Up to 7.75 hours a week - Tuesday pm*, Wednesday pm, Thursday pm, Friday pm & Sunday am)

In this squad, swimmers still work to perfect their strokes and other technical areas such as starts, turns & finishes as well as building up physical & mental strengths that allow swimmers to perform to their potential. Whilst there is no obligation to compete as a member of this squad initially, entering competitions will be encouraged and once they reach Development 1 Squad members will be expected to compete regularly. Competitive members should be aiming to achieve Devon County Qualifying Times, which can be found in our 'Documents' section on the homepage. 

Swimmers can move into Performance Squad based on coach discretion.

Performance Squad (£53/month) (Up to 14.75 hours a week - Monday am, Monday pm, Tuesday pm*, Wednesday am, Thursday pm*, Friday am & Saturday am)

Our top competitive squad is specifically designed to allow swimmers to compete at the highest level that their potential allows them to. All swimmers in the squad will be expected to compete and the programme is designed as such. Swimmers in this squad are aiming for South West Regional Qualifying Times as well as qualifying for National Level competitions.

Masters (£2/session) (Up to 2.5 hours a week - Tuesday pm & Sunday am)

We offer a Masters section for more mature (18+) swimmers who either cannot or do not wish to swim with the other squads. This squad has a wide range of swimmers from those who are learning to swim and gain confidence in the water, to former competitive swimmers returning to the pool as well as those that simply train for social and fitness aspects - we can cater to all needs!

A full timetable of our sessions can be found in the 'Documents' section of the homepage.

*A 45 minute land-based training session is led on these evenings by a fully qualified personal trainer using a programme designed to enhance swimming performance.

All members and parents/carers must also be members of McCaulays gym, whose prices are independant from our own.