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The performance Pathway is split into two groups.


Senior Club - Coached by Nigel Abbott and Matthew Connick under the direction of Kieran Whight.

Senior club is a little less intense than the performance squads, which allows its members to remain competitive, whilst offering them the ability to focus on other activities such as exams and other sports.

Junior Club - Coached by Megan Claydon and Under the direction of Kieran Whight.

Junior club is designed for those swimmers that enjoy swimming and everything that the sport brings with it, but want to focus on fitness and the more social aspects of the sport, whilst keeping the option of competition available to them.


Age Group Performance - Coached by Kevin Hall and headed by Kieran Whight.

Performance Development - Coached by Simon Hatton and Emma Springham and headed by Kieran Whight.

Performance - Coached by Kieran Whight and supported by Darren Welsford.


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