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Our swimming lessons loosely follow the Swim England ‘learn to swim' programme, where there are progressive stages within it's structure with specific skills and criteria to achieve before moving to the next stage. Once the swimmers complete their awards they are invited to progress into the Development Pathway.

We offer small class sizes for our swimming lessons, the programme is delivered by high quality swimming teachers and are supported by our top-level swimmers who volunteer their time to guide our younger swimmers. 

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Learn to Swim Stages

Stage 1 – basic safety, basic movement skills and building confidence.

Stage 2 – developing rotation, safe entries and building confidence.

Stage 3 – submersion, introducing breaststroke

Stage 4 – develop good stroke technique in 3 strokes and effective fly kick

Stage 5 – developing sculling skills, introducing butterfly arm action and somersaults

Stage 6 – good technique in all 4 strokes over 50m (25m for butterfly), developing tumble turns and underwater sections

Stage 7 – good technique in all 4 strokes over 100m (25m for butterfly), introducing IM, developing tumble turns and underwater sections

Stage 8 – 10 outcomes for competitive swimming will be incorporated in the Transition squads.

All lessons are progressive and challenging, with the main focus of fun at it's heart. 

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