Club Welfare Officers

To contact the Club Welfare Officers - Karen and Magda, please email:

[email protected] for Karen

[email protected] for Magda


Our March 2024 Meet Is Now Full - No More Club Entries Will Be Accepted

COVID-19 Compliance registration.

Welcome to Deben Swimming Club COVID-19 Electronic Registration platform. 

The purpose of this registration is to ensure that each member understands their personal responsibilities not only to themselves but to others around them.

As part of our registration you will need to update your contact details, Confirm that you have seen/read the Clubs COVID-19 Briefing, understood the requirements, and commit to adhering to them. If you do not complete this registration process then you will not be allowed access.

You confirm understanding that you MUST NOT attend training if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or know you have been in contact with others that have symptoms.

You confirm that if you have had COVID-19 that you only return to training following advice given by your own medical practitioner.

You confirm understanding that the Deben Swimming Club COVID-19 Leads or Liaison officers have the right to refuse entry to training to any member they believe may have symptoms of COVID-19 or is returning too training too early after having COVID-19. There is no right to appeal these decisions.

Deben Swimming Club understands that many members will have concerns and worries, we urge you to speak to the COVID-19 Leads Allison Tyler / Neil Toputt or the COVID-19 Liaison at the session or the Coaching team and Committee at the earliest opportunity.

Registration is not open. Please come back later.