Stephen Bunclark

This weekend would have marked the start of the East Region Championships. Deben Swimming Club would like to recognise and celebrate the fantastic achievements of our regional qualifiers. A total of 20 swimmers achieved 89 qualified swims this season. An exceptional result, congratulations to all.

Stephen Bunclark

Deben’s Cha Cha Slide Plank Challenge. Our first team challenge occurred on Sunday which was well attended by a number of swimmers and coaches. There was enough energy left to hold an impromptude plank challenge which resulted in a 15min record being set by Helena Hall. It was our first attempt at using the medium of Zoom which proved to make things fun as well as competative. Please keep your eyes open for further events.

Stephen Bunclark

Dear Members, We understand that there are a lot of pressures and worries on families at this unprecedented time and we at Deben Swimming Club want to do our part to help. We would like you all to either Suspend your Club Subscriptions or if possible, voluntarily reduce your monthly subscriptions to £5 per family per month, we acknowledge that some have been greater affected than others, which is why this is voluntary. The Club is actively reducing our monthly expenses but like you we still have expenses. We are...

Stephen Bunclark

Deben Leap meet 2020 (Feb 29th/1st March) - entry files now available. DEBEN LEAP MEET 2020 - INFORMATION, QUALIFYING TIMES, ENTRY FORM, HYTEK FILE.

Stephen Bunclark


Congratulations to Will Parsons for finishing 16th at the British Nationals and getting a PB.

Like many clubs we are reliant upon our membership for volunteers to take up roles and jobs. Without these volunteers we could not offer our members as much as we do now. As a club we are thank full to anyone who helps, so it's great to receive communications from outside the club, thanking our volunteers for their efforts. So a big thank you goes out to the following: Harvey Hall from Suffolk ASA for helping out at the School games on Friday 28th June. Katie Parsons and Lindsay Landsley...

Thank you for everyone who attended the Fun Gala and to those who swam and helped out. It was a busy time for all but the smiles on the faces was great to see. We missed out on doing a big presentation to one of our swim teachers who is going off to Uni but managed to catch her with the coaching staff. Good luck to Megan Claydon and please come back and see us when you can. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Neil Tolputt for putting...

Nikki Hall

You will be receiving an email from Teamunify to set up your account. Please can I ask you to verify your email and then click on the link to set up your password. Lastly can you update the records on the system Any problems please message the stephen Bunclark Thank you  Nikki


Deben Swimming Club is based in Woodbridge and caters for swimmers of all levels; from learning to swim to county, regional and national level. Weekly swimming lessons are provided with progressive teaching leading to squad training and competition. The squads are divided into Development, Competitive and Performance, each providing the necessary training.

Deben consists of two main sectors; The Teaching Section and The Squads. Each component has its own specific teaching/coaching aims. Being an all inclusive club we integrate swimmers with disabilities where the environment and type of disability allows us to.

The Teaching Section is for swimmers aged five and above. There are seven groups, which each swimmer will progress through as levels and awards are achieved. The Club follows the ASA National Teaching Plan.