Deben Swimming Club Subscriptions update.

Stephen Bunclark

Dear Members,


We understand that there are a lot of pressures and worries on families at this unprecedented time and we at Deben Swimming Club want to do our part to help.


We would like you all to either Suspend your Club Subscriptions or if possible, voluntarily reduce your monthly subscriptions to £5 per family per month, we acknowledge that some have been greater affected than others, which is why this is voluntary.


The Club is actively reducing our monthly expenses but like you we still have expenses.


We are unsure how long any restrictions will remain in place BUT it is imperative that we ensure the club remains viable, with the ability to immediately return once restrictions are lifted.


Our Coaching Team will still be working, developing training sets and preparing for the Clubs return.

They will be contacting Swimmers with updates and training activities.

Just because we’re not in the water doesn’t mean that fitness levels can be allowed to slip.


As our Coaching Team will be sending training information, links and challenges via TeamUnify and TeamFeed could you install OnDeck onto your swimmers’ devices and log them in with your sign in details. This will allow them to see the information without pestering you all. They cannot communicate with each other but can respond to the coaching team if required.


If I can ask members to make their standing order amendments prior to the April payment date.


We understand if your personal situation means you are unable to make the voluntary subscription change so please let us know if this is the case.


We hope you all remain safe, fit and healthy and if you are unwell, we wish you a speedy recovery.


Kind Regards


Stephen Bunclark


[email protected]