Process for Swimmers Leaving Poolside


1. Please encourage your children to swim for themselves and for the enjoyment.

2. Please do not argue with the Referee or other Officials’ decisions.  Any queries should in the first instance be directed to your child’s coach, who can make representations to resolve disputes.

3. If you have any concerns relating to your child’s performance, well-being, progression etc., talk in the first instance to your child’s Coach, either just before or just after a session.  To speak with a Coach during a session can be disruptive, no matter how well intended.  Coaches will always make themselves available to parents/carers at a suitable time.

4. Please inform, or ask your child to inform, the coach about any reason your child may not be swimming at their best.

5. Please inform your child’s coach of any medication they may be taking that might affect their swimming.

6. Please adhere to the regulations concerning the use of cameras, videos and mobile phone cameras.

7. Coaches are only responsible for children at galas while they are on the poolside. At all other times such as the lunch break and at the conclusion of the gala parents are responsible for their own children.

8. All parents/carers should adhere to the ASA's Child protection policy, a copy of which can be found on the ASA's web site