Christmas Fun Gala 2019

Agnes Collowey

On Sunday 22nd of December 2019 we had our annual Christmas Fun Gala

The gala raises funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust in memory of Nick Stumbke who was a club swimmer who sadly died of cancer in 1987. 

We had lots of swimmers attending from our younger groups up to top squads. There was some amazing artwork done with creating a Team Posters.

Like always we are very proud of our swimmers for creating great team spirit and well done to older swimmers for encouraging and looking after next generation of swimmers.


Big Thank you to Greg and Suzanne Peddle for taking a lead in running this event and Thank you to all the volunteers and Santa Helpers.

We are a community club and without volunteers and good will, we couldn’t be able to run the club.

Thank you to all the donation we have raised £358.51.


Thank you



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