Day Time Pool
Wed 18.30-19.15 Davenant
Sun 16.00-16.45 Loughton
  1 1/2 Hours Available  


Pool Locations

Loughton Leisure Centre          Davenant Foundation School


Traps Hill                                   Chester Road


Loughton IG10 1SZ                   Loughton IG10 2LD


Squad Criteria Working on
Academy1   Expected 50% attendance  
  Perform a horizontal stationary scull on the back Show basic understanding of all four competitive strokes
  Perform a feet first sculling action for 5m whilst horizontal on the back Be able to kick efficiently on all four strokes, including simultaneous breaststroke and butterfly legs
  Perform 3 different jumps into deep water Capable of side breathing in front crawl
  Swim 25m backstroke Good body position for backstroke
  Swim 25m front crawl Able to swim 25m of front crawl and backstroke, and 25m breaststroke kick
  Swim 15m breaststroke Introduction to dives and turns to form a basic understanding. Either be able to demonstrate a sitting or standing dive from the side
  Swim 15m butterfly Jump off poolside in a streamlined position
  Perform push and glide with a pike /dive. Swimmers to compete at time trials
  Introduction a forward somersault, tucked  
  Perform a sitting dive  
  Swim 10m of a recognised stroke  
  Swim for 10m front crawl with side breathing  

** The Head Coach will have full discretion over all movements