Swimmers, Parents & Members of EFDSC

This page will help you to  find interesting information about Swimming World, Swimmers life and every day guidance to the life with in our club.

Commiunication is a key so if you are a member of EFDSC please join our WhatsApp groups set up for all squads from A1

up to Senior squad.

This is used, along with email to keep you informed of club information but can also be used as a way of contacting and

interacting with other parents within your swimmers squad. If you would like to be added then please

contact andy.g.flowers@hsbcgroup.com clearly stating the mobile number(s) you wish added and the squad your swimmers squad.

To purchase EFDSC KIT please go to School Uniform Direct and follow steps on their website to place your order.

To purchase all the nessesary Training Equipment please visit ProSwimwear website.

To do so please click the link and this way by shopping through EFDSC 5% of every sale will be doanted to the club. 

Fundraise for EFDSC while getting your essensials. Just click this link and shop :-)

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