Swimming Galas & Club Champs


Swimming Galas are a very important part of a swimmers life and an athlete’s development allowing them to learn how to deal with winning and losing, getting qualifying times for bigger events, meeting new friends and being able to socialise with friends from the club outside training sessions..

 Most of the time swimming meets will take place over the weekend from September until July, with an average of one per month.

Essex County takes place every year between January and February, Regional Championships in May and National and British Championship between July and August.

EFDSC has a Home Gala once a year. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and normally take place towards the end of September.

It is a full days event (morning and afternoon session) and will normally take place on a Sunday. We need a lot of volunteers for this event to perform all the duties on the day, from running the cake stall/raffle/programme and entry money to helping out poolside with marshalling/time keeping and recording event results.

We expect all swimmers parents to assist in some way, if you have a preference of role then please email - [email protected]

Club Champs are run 5 times a year and are a free of charge meet for EFDSC swimmers only taking place at our home pool of Loughton Leisure Centre .

 These events are run over a 3 hour period, normally on a Sunday evening. It allows our newer swimmers a friendly, familiar environment to gain experience of galas whilst also providing an opportunity for all swimmers to gain qualifying times for major events such as Essex Championships and Regionals.

Each club champs has different events which you will be informed by email which your squad are expected to participate in.


What my swimmer should bring to the Swimming Gala?

  1. Swimmers are expected to wear EFDSC kit, a swimming hat and some swimming goggles, a swimming costumes/trunks. It’s good to have a spare set in the bag.
  2. Swimmers should have 2 towels.
  3. Club T shirt and tracksuit trousers to keep warm between events.
  4. A water bottle – no fizzy drinks.
  5. Healthy snacks.
  6. Lunch
  7. Flip flops
  8. Change of clothes

Please make sure not to give snacks that can potentially contain nuts, and please ask your swimmer not to share food that may trigger an allergic reaction to another swimmer.



What my swimmer should bring to Club Champs?

 Club champs is a short event which will maximum last 3 hours. Swimmers are expected to wear EFDSC Kit and have with them:

  1. EFDSC Hat
  2. 2 x Goggles
  3. Club T shirt and tracksuit trousers to keep warm between events.
  4. 2 Towel
  5. Flip Flops
  6. 2 x  swimming costume/ trunks
  7. Water Bottle
  8. Small snack

Swimmers can start entering galas at the age of nine, however swimmers are allowed to take part in Club Champs at an earlier age.