Club Structure

Our club structure is designed to help each swimmer meet their full potential. As the Performance Pathway for Leicestershire swimmers are invited to join the Club, usually in the summer months, then over subsequent years will normally move through the squads as their ability, dedication and performance indicates. As they move through the squads they will increase the number of hours they swim per week allowing each swimmer to reach their full potential.

The structure of our club allows swimmers to access appropriate training for their level, age and training ability; whilst building to their long term objectives.



City of Leicester and Leicestershire ASA Development Squad is currently supported by Hinckley SCLeicester Neptune SC, Leicester Penguins, Leicester Sharks SCLoughborough Town SC and Market Harborough SC

Moving Through the Squads

During their time at COLSC swimmers will be assessed by the coaches and they will be moved up through the different squads in accordance with the Squad Criteria which has been set by the coaches.  The Squad Criteria for this season can be viewed here,  please note it is a guide to the squads and that the final decision rests with the head coach.

Exiting the City of Leicester Pathway

From time to time swimmers at COLSC fall behind our squad criteria, when this is identified by the coaching staff the family of the swimmer are asked to attend a review meeting. In this meeting areas of improvement are discussed and a action plan is produced. If the swimmer is still behind the squad criteria at the end of the season when squad moves are issued a meeting is arranged to talk about the swimmers transition back to their Leicestershire base club. 

Holiday Swimmers

City of Leicester welcome back swimmers who are now classed as Holiday Swimmers. These swimmers must have been full time members at COLSC in the past. Swimmers will be asked for a membership contribution (£20) which will cover them for the year and payment per session attended (£4.00). For more information please contact our Head Coach Jamie Evans.