How the club is run

The Club is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and has a constitution and a Committee to oversee how it runs. All fully paid up members are invited to the AGM with those over the age of 16 being allowed to vote.


Membership and Paying fees

Club membership is 1st January to 31st December in any given year. You will be required to complete a membership registration renewal on an annual basis via your online member account (every January). The annual fee that you will be asked to pay has been determined by the committee and this includes all national Swim England (formerly the Amateur Swimming Association), Regional and County ASA affiliation fees. You are asked to complete your annual registration and with payment as soon as possible as the Clubs Registrations Officer has to complete and Annual Membership return to the governing body: Swim England. Then, there are monthly squad fees to pay and these fees are based upon what squad you have been assigned to.


Club Fees are best paid by standing order. Please ask for a form if you haven’t been given one. Fees are based on the swimmers training all year round, with the exception of Public holidays (Bank holiday Mondays) and between the Christmas / New Year period. There will be reduced sessions during the summer holidays as this is the end of the competitive season and this allows swimmers and staff alike to refresh after a long season. The competitive season pretty much mirrors the Academic year (Sept to August in any given year). A period of one months written & paid notice is required by the club, if you decide to leave.



If at all possible please Keep your club account details up to date with your current email address, so that we can communicate electronically. This saves a huge amount on administration costs. Please keep the Club Secretary fully informed of any changes to member details, such as change of address, change of telephone numbers, medical conditions.


The Club also has its own ‘Follow us on’ Facebook link on the website homepage where messages can also be relayed by Club. See link on home page.


Newsletters / Bulletins

We try to issue a news bulletin on a weekly basis with information, which is posted on the Club website.


Groups for training sessions

Children are allocated to a coaching squad according to their ability. These squads have different training session times. Throughout the season, the swimmers are monitored and any changes in squad membership are communicated by letter, either by hand, post or e-mail. Swimmers wear squad specific coloured hats. When a swimmer moves to a higher squad, they are issued with a new squad hat and receive a Certificate, for which a small charge is made.



As well as their costume and towel the children need a pair of flippers (fins) for training sessions plus a kick-board (flat float) and a pool-buoy (dumbbell-shaped float). They should also bring a litre bottle of water (NOT in a glass bottle) preferably with a sports top. Water stops them from becoming dehydrated during exercise. Swimmers with long hair will need to wear a swim-hat, to keep it out of their eyes! Swimmers are expected to wear goggles, but should also be prepared to learn to swim without them. PLEASE NAME ALL KIT WITH A MARKER PEN.


Club Clothing

Webb Ellis is our Kit supplier for all of our tees and hoodies. Click here for a link to the Club Shop


Competitions (Galas)

The club holds “Development Galas” at Daventry so that the children can gain experience swimming under race conditions. This will enable swimmers to gain times for each stroke and get used to competition rules. Twice a year the Dolphins hold their formal competitions for the club shields and trophies. The Sprint Championships usually run in late Spring / early Summer and since 2010 the Main Club Championships are held  between September-December. To determine the overall age group winner(s), the points scoring is as follows: 6pts for 1st place through to 1 point for 6th place, the swimmer with the highest points tally is the winner. If swimmers are equal on points, then it goes on count back to see who had the more higher placings than the other. If after that it is equal, the trophy is then shared. There is a separate set of shields / trophies for each Championship competition. Every competitor receives a certificate of participation; the top 3 placed swimmers in each age-group are awarded a trophy to keep. For those swimmers who win events they will be presented with a perpetual club shield / trophy which they are able to keep for a year. Swimmers are asked to return the perpetual trophy / shield the following year in a clean condition, with their name and year engraved on the trophy / shield ready for the next winner.


Age groups

In most galas, the children generally swim against others in their own age group but sometimes (as in Club Championships events) in a 2-year age band. This may not be the same as the heat they actually swam in. The “age” of the swimmer is the age they are as at 31st December in any given year. Some competitions may still be AGE on DAY; OR of the last day of a Competition, for example, such as the County Championships or a Team League competition) If you are unsure about what your child should be entered for in a Club or Open meet event please ask their squad coach. The best way to do this is to speak with your child’s coach at the END of a session or email the Coach / Secretary who will gladly respond to you. The age group is given by a letter. 8s and under are age group A, 10s and under are age group B, 12s and under are age group C etc.


Competition Entry Fees and Spectator Fees

To meet the cost of hosting events, such as the Championships and Development Galas a swimmers entry fee is charged per event entered.


Spectators are also asked to pay a small charge, this includes an event programme.


Optional raffle tickets are usually available to purchase.


For Team Galas, there is not a charge for swimmers but there will be a spectator fee which is implemented by the Host Club.


At a Club Championship or Development gala: The heats are arranged in order of the children’s “PB” (Personal Best time). Swimmers without a recorded time swim in the early heats.


Achieving Personal Best Times (PBs)

Personal Best times (PBs) can be set at both competitions and time-trials.  They can be taken from relay events if the swimmer was first in the relay and the time was recorded electronically.


Regional and National Championships Qualifying Times can only be set at ASA licensed open meets, such as the County Championships. Level 4 Licensed meets are not eligible for qualification to Regional and National Championships but times will be listed on the British Swimming Rankings.


Personal best times (PBs) are recorded for each swimmer on a database which is updated as soon as humanly possible after each competition and shows under best times on your membership page. It is a very good idea to keep a record of your own PBs.



ALL competitions are held under ASA Laws and Technical Rules of Swimming. The ASA is the governing body for the sport of swimming in all its disciplines.


Children may be disqualified in races for several reasons, for example include starting before the starting signal is given, incorrect technical turns or finishes, or not swimming the strokes as per stroke rules. Swimming can be very technical, especially the individual medley, breaststroke and butterfly events.


Some swimmers may have a disability which may prevent them from swimming in a competition under those rules and a Swimming Disability certificate may be issued once a swimmer has been classified.


Competitions away from Daventry Home Pool

Daventry Dolphins enter local and regional swimming competitions. These are held at other pools around the Country, generally less than 2-hours drive away. For the longer trips the club may provide coach or minibus transportation, and those who travel are asked to pay a small contribution towards the costs (£5). By travelling together, it has been noticed that this forges a better team spirit. However, to hire a coach is extremely expensive and at present whenever possible we ask that you travel by your own arrangements.


Selection for Team Galas

The teams selected are based on the swimmer’s performances and times held on the Clubs Sportsytems Club ranking data base. Some competitions are called ‘graded’ galas and times are pre- set, with the swimmer not scoring points if they are ‘too fast’. The swimmer with the nearest time will be selected.


Please check the club notice-board (in the spectator area) and / or Club website for forthcoming competitions. If your child is selected to swim, then their name will be on a list there. Please tick your name if you are able to go, otherwise please cross out their name AND follow the given instructions. Team selection lists are also sent out by email, again follow the instructions on the email with regard to accepting or declining the invitation to swim.


When the children go to a gala they will need costumes, towels, goggles, club t-shirt / Competition club hat, plenty of drinks in a plastic bottle and high-energy snacks. (Not sweets, crisps or chocolate) Details about nutrition are on the Website.



The Club takes the issue of Safeguarding & Child Protection very seriously and it

follows the Swim England guidelines. These guidelines can be viewed on the Swim England website:


Instructors and other staff including committee members and poolside assistants are required to undergo Safeguarding & Child Protection Training as part of the SwimMark accreditation process. This training has to be repeated every 3 years. The training includes recognising abuse, how to respond to a disclosure and how to initially deal with a problem and then who to contact if the matter cannot be dealt with.


Welfare Officer

Our Welfare Officer can be contacted on the email below if you have any concerns you wish to raise.

Club Welfare: Vacant

County Welfare: Angeline Annabel @ [email protected]


We always welcome help at galas for poolside helpers including time-keepers, competitor’s stewards, door stewards etc., however, you may need to be DBS checked. If you are interested in becoming a helper and depending on what role you are interested in, the Club Secretary may register you with the on-line disclosure and barring service, formerly known as the CRB. There is the opportunity to take qualifications and the Club may help in funding the necessary courses.