Volunteering & Officiating

The club is always in need of volunteers to support its development and the progress of the swimmers. Every parent or family member that is able to help out in some way is invaluable to ensuring the club continues to operate successfully. There are a number of ways you can help:

Poolside Volunteers / Team Managers

These are vital roles to ensure that the swimmers are supported on poolside at galas and events. The main focus is to support and safeguard team members and ensure they are where they need to be at the gala. If you are interested in supporting the club in this way, please contact our club secretary: [email protected]


As a club, it is our duty to provide officials at all events that we attend. This is another vital role within the club, and also a lot of fun developing your knowledge and understanding of the technicalities of the sport! The more parents we have trained to be timekeepers and judges the better. Training is completed online and for judging, is followed up by gaining practical poolside hours at future galas. Being an official comes with a few perks - you will not have to pay entry fees to galas and will receive food and refreshments also. For more information on becoming a timekeeper or judge, please contact our officials coordinator: [email protected]

E-Learning Training Links:


J1 Judge Theory