Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club

Affiliated to East Midlands Region & Northamptonshire ASA

Club Operating Procedures JANUARY 2019

The Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club hires the Pool at Daventry Leisure Centre as follows:


5pm to 7pm x 3 lanes

7pm to 9.30pm x 6 lanes


6.15am to 7.15am x 2 lanes

6pm to 8pm x 3 lanes

6pm to 7pm x 1 lane Academy squad 6-8 (sponsored by SLM)

7pm to 8pm x 1 lane potential Academy squad 8-10 (sponsored by SLM)


6.15am to 7.15am x 2 lanes


6pm to 7pm x 3 lanes

7pm to 9pm x 6 lanes


5:30pm to 8:30pm x3 lanes

8:30pm to 9.30pm x 3lanes


11am to 12:30pm x 3 lanes


5pm to 6pm x 6 lanes swimming/Poolside land-training

6pm to 8pm x 6 lanes

The Club also hires the Daventry Leisure Centre Pool for competitive Team Galas, Development Galas & Club Championships events and for specialist skills sessions. On rare occasions, the Club may have to find alternative venues for training and ‘home’ competitions as well as alter training session times.

During practice sessions (and competition warm ups), Lanes 1, 3 and 5 will swim in a clockwise direction, lanes 2, 4 and 6 will swim in an anti-clockwise direction. No diving unless under the instruction of the teacher / coach or Team manager.

During these session times, all participants will adhere to the Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club Charters (there is one for swimmers and one for parents / carers) AND the Daventry Leisure Centre (SLM / EVERYONE ACTIVE LTD) Pool Operating Procedures. Failure to comply with the operational procedures and Charters may result in verbal and / or written warnings and may lead to disciplinary action being taken by the Club and / or Centre management.

Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club has Public liability insurance, and a copy of the Certificate is posted on the Club notice board which is located in the spectator area of the pool. Qualified swimming instructors are members of the Institute of Swimming (IOS) and have their own Civil Liability Cover.

Teachers / Coaches have a strict Code of Ethics to comply with.


Risk assessments are required to be carried out annually but in practice, the Club has a policy of risk assessing on a continuous basis and liaising with the Pool management (SLM / EVERYONE ACTIVE LTD)


Teachers / coaches have to keep a register and contact / medical details of the participants.


In the event of an accident / incident, a record will be kept by the Club.


The Club has a designated Welfare Officer and it strongly supports the Amateur Swimming Associations Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures. It is a requirement that ALL persons 18 & over coming into direct or non-direct contact with the children regularly for more than 1 hour per week are checked for suitability through the Disclosure and Barring Scheme with renewals applied for every 3 years.


Communication will be mainly made by electronic mail or telephone. However, to keep administration costs to a minimum, information will only be posted out if members do not have the latter.


Reviewed March 2011